AND THE WINNERS ARE: Keepin’ It Real Juried Show at Dutch Art Gallery

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A HUGE thank you to the artists, clients, family and friends who attended the opening reception today. Here are the winners for those who were not present at the awards. The show runs through December 21st, so come by the gallery to see ALL the incredible work…or to see it again.

We’d also like to thank our 3 jurors for the Keepin’ It Real Juried Show. Their time, consideration and expertise has been much appreciated.

Chris Blackhurst maintains a working studio in Dallas and is the Art Gallery Director for Texas A&M Commerce. She has a BFA in Ceramics and a minor in Art History from Texas A&M Commerce and a Masters of Art in Art from the University of Dallas. Susan Brook is an Interior Designer who believes in creating elevated living spaces that support happiness, create inspiration and provide comfort. Through interior design she has had the privilege of working as a set decorator for film and television, working on projects for Walt Disney®, historic preservation and much more in addition to commercial and residential interiors. Francene Carwell is an art collector. Her love and appreciate of art was instilled by her parents. Her father was an artist and she was exposed to many forms of art during their travels. She has a deep appreciation for the talents of artists and has continued to travel and build her collection of pieces from around the world.

Third Place

A Quick Meeting At the Water Cooler by Lauren Chan
16×12 | Pastel on Specialty Paper
The first hummingbird I recall seeing was a few years ago when I first moved to California. I quickly formed an obsession watching their agile movements. My very patient father-in-law photographed a series of these beautiful birds, and I had the joy of rendering them on paper. With the fast shutter speed of modern cameras, for the first time I could see all of the small details of their iridescent feathers while in mid-flight. In an attempt to replicate their beauty in this nearly life-size portrait, I fell even deeper in love with these miniature flying jewels.

Second Place

Moonlit by Suzanne Moseley
22×28 | Oil on Canvas
As an artist, using contrasts such as light in darkness and texture against smoothness, gives life to the painting and helps with projecting an overall atmosphere to the piece. With Moonlit Serenity, I wanted to use the drama of chiaroscuro (Italian name for an artistic style that uses contrasting light against dark for dramatic effect) to share a sense of calm and quiet in spite of the sharp contrasts.

First Place

Never A Dull Moment by Katherine Martinez
36×48 | Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
The studio is always full of distractions. From family members to pets to paintings to plants to models, there is always something new to capture my interest. It is a constant struggle to remain focused on the task at hand, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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