Ageless Passion exhibition opens Dec. 4 at the Bath House

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December 4, 2021 – January 29, 2022

Reception: Saturday, December 4 (5-8 PM)
Featuring music by Stephen Houpt and Solvay Linde

Free and open to the public.

521 E. Lawther Dr., Dallas, Texas 75218 • White Rock Lake

The Bath House Cultural Center presents Ageless Passion, an art exhibition that features a group of long-career artists from the North Texas area.  The exhibition is a project that was created by the exhibition curator, Susan Lecky, to highlight the extraordinary talent, commitment, vision, and excellence of artists from our region who are over the age of 65.   The exhibition celebrates the artwork of fifty-four artists whose admirable and long professional history and passionate dedication to their artistic practice enrich the cultural life of our communities. 

The artists who are participating in the Ageless Passion exhibition are Donna Adams, Tina Alvarez, Ruda Anderson, Rita Barnard, Sue Benner, Elizabeth Bentley, David Blow, Lynne Buchanan, Kay L. Byfield, Diana Chase, Jerry Dodd, Jan Dreskin-Haig, Barbara S. Elam, Sharon L. Ellis, Gisa Elwazir, Gale Gibbs, Jose Angel Hernandez, Jonathan Hill, Terry Holmberg, Bill Holmberg, Sherry Houpt, Ann Huey, Robyn Jorde, Joy Kees, John Koch, Susan Lecky, Beth Pearson Lund, Jackie MacLelland, Roberta Masciarelli, Mick McGill, Lin Medlin, David Newman, Marjorie Nichols, Jill Nonnemacher, Sherry Owens, Guinn Powell, John H. Reed, Gertraud W. Reed, Marco Rubino, Ellen Soderquist, Rosalinda Trevino Stone, Juergen Strunck, Gisela-Heidi Strunck, Jeanne Sturdevant, Madeleine Terry, Terri Thoman, Silvia Thornton, Cecilia Thurman, Michael Tichansky, Doris G. Vasek, Judith Williams-Tichansky, Steve Wright, Kay Wyne, and Gordon Young.