500X October 13 openings: Expo 2018, Dierks, Opie & more

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All exhibitions will hosting an opening reception this Saturday night 10/13  from 7-10pm

500x Gallery, 500 Exposition Ave, Dallas, Tx 75275

Expo 2018

Main Gallery – Downstairs

Opening this Saturday is Expo 2018, with an opening reception on October 13th, from 7-10 PM! The 500X Gallery’s annual exhibition showcasing work from visual artists all across the state of Texas returns in its 40th year, juried by Dallas art writer and curator Lee Escobedo!

This year’s exhibiting artists are:

Rowen Foster, Katie Paschal, Marcelina Gonzales, Ashley Boydston, Anonymous Artist, Gibson Regester, Marriel Dennis, Narong Tintamusik, Ricardo Orozco, Joshua Bryant

A message from our guest juror:
“I have only chosen a few artists, with the intent of a small, intimate show. My curatorial focus was on portraiture and representation. I explored these two frameworks via photography, sculpture, and painting. I chose works with spiritual, vulnerable elements to them. I think in today’s climate, less is more.” -Lee Escobedo

Moon Tether and Bubble Raft

Molly Valentine Dierks

Main Gallery – Upstairs

Moon Tether and Bubble Raft explores the disorienting transitional experience of living in global culture  – the syncopation of moving between pristine natural environments, ‘borderland’ ecosystems in liminal urban areas, and the sensuous forms and products that characterize commerce in dense city environments.

The name of the exhibition originates from a species of female sea snail that attaches itself to its raft of eggs, resembling a cluster of tiny bubbles, to float – adrift at sea and governed by the pull of the moon. The sound emanating from the island ecosystems incorporate a synth-pop mash-up of music with elements of nature (running water, whale calls) and digital culture (cell phones, alarms), in music composed by Carlin McLellan for the work.


Brooke Opie

Downstairs Project Space

OBJECTHOOD, a solo exhibition by Brooke Opie, explores the way in which personal objects, dress, and grooming inform past and present identities. Through a juxtaposition of still life and portraiture, a variety of personas are described and performed by the artist using her own objects and clothing to question the idea of unambiguous selfhood. Brooke Opie is a visual artist working primarily in photography, bookbinding, and illustration. Born in Fresno, California and currently based in Dallas, Texas, Opie received a BFA in Photography from Texas Woman’s University in 2017. Her work explores themes of performed identity, impermanence, and human behavior.

At My Window

Parisa Nozari & Joanne Cervantes

Upstairs Project Space

At My Window presents a selection of paintings and drawings by artists Parisa Nozari and Joanne Cervantes.