Lucha Libre Art Exhibition entries due Dec. 20

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OPEN CALL: Lucha Libre Art Exhibition
 Friday, December 20th @ 5:00 pm
About the Open Call
We have another OPEN CALL for artists!

Guest curator, Jose Vargas, will be curating a Lucha Libre Art exhibition that is scheduled to open on January 11, 2020. Artists are encouraged to submit any artwork inspired by the popular and colorful wrestling culture, known as Lucha Libre.

Click here for more details. To be held at the Oak Cliff Cultural Center.

The central theme of the exhibition is Luchadores (Mexican Wrestlers). The term Lucha Libre translates to: Free Fight, or Fight Freestyle. In Mexico, the term is used for professional wrestling. Most Luchadores/Luchadoras wear colorful masks. Typically, the wrestling match involves the técnicos (good guys) vs. the rudos (bad guys).

The artwork created for this exhibition must relate to Lucha Libre in one form or another. Artwork should depict wrestlers, Mexican wrestlers, Luchadores, or Luchadoras. Artists are encouraged to create unique works of art and ideas, innovative techniques, using great imagination and having fun while doing so.

Dates of show: Jan. 11, 2020 – Feb. 14, 2020
Delivery of artwork: Jan. 4, 2020 (1-4 PM)
Reception with the artists: January 11, 2020 (5:30PM – 8:00PM)
Art pick up: February 15, 2020 (1-3 PM)

Art in all media will be considered. Artists may submit entries as prints on paper or as digital images on a flash drive (also known as a USB drive or memory stick).