Dispatch from the Desert Planet Art Contest

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Dispatch from the Desert Planet Art Contest:DDP is currently working on collecting seed money to support the podcast and solicit contributingartists. One thing we feel very strongly about is redistributing funds to artists and prioritizing works byBIPOC/LGBTQIA artists and artists with disabilities. While we don’t have quite as much to bring tothe table as we’d like, we’ve set aside $140 for an Art Contest and here’s what we would like to do:1. Spotlight 8 artists and works of art on our website and Venmo $15 dollars to the creator for their time2. Award the winning artist an additional $20 after a fan vote
Submission Deadline September 14th
To enter send an email todispatchfromthedesertplanet@gmail.com with the following:
– A subject line reading: Art Contest
– Your art. Art can be watermarked or otherwise protected from redistribution.
– A short bio, with pronouns, that you would like to accompany your work along with any promotional materials or links you’d like us to include.
– A photo or artistic rendering of yourself
-An indication of whether the art can be shared on social media with attribution.
Dispatch from the Desert Planet is looking for any art inspired by the DDP world. Any art that can be translated to visual or audio medium that can be shared on our website will be considered. Artists are welcome to submit multiple works but only one piece per artist will be chosen.
Need a jumping off point?
-Sapho and Praxilla
-Coalition Propaganda
-Uniformed Coalition Peace Officers
-The Remote Desert Planet Broadcast Headquarterswww.dispatchfromthedesertplanet.com 
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Submitted by Dispatch from the Desert Planet. Email: dispatchfromthedesertplanet@gmail.com Website: http://www.dispatchfromthedesertplanet.com