Cheap Imitation Literary/Arts Magazine: Call for Visual Art Submissions

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Cheap Imitation: Open Call for Visual Art

Cheap Imitation is seeking original visual art for publication in our journal.

We believe art and literature are in many ways two sides of the same coin, able to shed new light on one another when placed in thoughtful dialogue. We welcome art of any medium, provided it actively seeks to engage with the theme of the current issue (see below), and can be submitted as an image. All visual art submissions are also considered for the cover of the magazine, and if we think your work may be a good fit, we will note that potential opportunity in our response.


Up to 8 scanned images or photographs, accompanied by a brief artist’s statement, and a 50-100 -word artist bio. If two or more of your images are part of a set which must be exhibited together, please mark them as such in the text. Otherwise, we reserve the right to offer publication for any selection of the images submitted.

Acceptable file formats: .pdf, .jpeg, .tiff, .png, .mp4, and other photo/video formats.


Every issue of Cheap Imitation is curated around a single theme or idea, and we aim not only to carefully consider the quality of individual works, but to also examine and consider the as the interactions of the individual works within the journal with one another, and the way in which their placements modify the meanings and associations of the other. Compositions should be based around or related to the theme of the issue in which they wish to appear.

If you are not chosen, but it is solely because your work does not fit within the arrangement of works in the main journal, we will still consider you for online publication and showcase for the Cheap Imitation Members’ Collective.

Until October 10th we are accepting submissions for our inaugural issue:

Issue One: (dis)continuity

A break in the natural order of things, image distorted into meaning; meaning deconstructed, put back in place, and made anew.


Cheap Imitation acquires First North American Publication Rights, and after publication all rights revert to the original author. With visual art, we will simply acquire the right to publication (‘first’ publication is an odd beast for visual art).

We are a paying market. Payment will be rendered upon publication, and will be discussed beforehand.

We look forward to reading (or, I guess, seeing) your work!

Submitted by David Carstens. Email: Website: