Call For Entry – Juxtapositions, Dichotomies and Oxymorons oh my!

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ART HOUSE GALLERY in Flower Mound.

Is it a Dichotomy or a Juxtaposition? An Oxymoron or a Tautology? It’s hard to create one if it’s vague so here’s some definitions:

Dichotomy – Two things that are different in comparison – Open Plains and Packed Cities

Juxtaposition – Two things with contrasting effect – Water Mammals and Land Mammals

Oxymoron – Two words that contradict each other – Living Dead

Tautology – Two words that mean the same thing – Dead Corpse

Since it’s all up to interpretation give us your best art. Up to 3 pieces can be entered with each registration. If more than 3 pieces then create another registration for up to the next 3 pieces and so on.


All artwork is to be for sale. Due to the nature of children’s art education NUDES will not be accepted. During the exhibition SAH Gallery reduces the 40% commission to 25% commission. Pieces will remain on our website for sale after the close of the show for online purchases. Commission returns to the normal 40% at that time. It is up to the artist to inform SAH Gallery to remove pieces from the website, otherwise they remain for purchase.

Pricing should be no more than $5 per square inch for 2D pieces and no more than $4 per in3 for 3D pieces. (Artists new to competitions are recommended to start at $1 per square inch and increase $0.50 increments over time). Pieces overpriced or NFS (Not For Sale) will not be accepted.

Winners and select exhibitors will be showing their art at the Art House Gallery located north west of Dallas in Flower Mound, Texas. The exhibition will take place January 9 through February 20, 2021.

Over $650 in Cash & Awards
1st place $200 ($125 cash + $75 gift certificate)
2nd place $100 ($75 cash + $25 gift certificate)
3rd place $50 ($25 cash + $25 gift certificate)
3 Honorable Mentions $30 each (gift certificates)
Judge’s Choice Award $50 gift certificate
Gallery’s Choice Award $50 gift certificate
People’s Choice Award $50 gift certificate

All who vote in People’s Choice will receive a chance to win an original piece of art decided by SAH Gallery

This exhibit will be available to the public and is guaranteed to be fun, family friendly, and free.

January 31, 2021 – Last day to enter competition
February 10 – All entries will be notified if their work has been accepted
February 13 thru 16 – Drop off accepted work
February 20 – Show opens – Show opens to the public with reception and awards from 7-9 pm, light Hors d’Oeuvres being served. People’s Choice Award voting begins.
March 13 – Last day to vote for People’s Choice Award
April 2 – End of show
April 3 – Artwork is to be removed after 10 am and before 5 pm.