What to Buy and Why Oct. 29

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All Dallas Center for Photography classes and workshops are held at 4756 Algiers Street, Dallas 75207. Register online at www.dallascenterforphotography.org.

What to Buy and Why
Tuesday, October 29: 6-9pm

There is more camera equipment for sale now than there ever has been before. The explosion of choices is a boon to those who know what they’re looking for and often bewildering for those who just want to buy a good camera! If you’ve ever searched online for photo equipment, you’ll understand why we’re offering this class.

In this class we’ll present an overview of DSLR, mirrorless and compact cameras to help you decide. We’ll discuss the differences between camera models better suited to casual or amateur use vs the more expensive, bulkier and robust professional grade equipment. We’ll also look at lens options along with accessories like flashes and tripods and give you some guidance on when it’s worth spending serious money and when you just don’t need to.

Submitted by Dallas Center for Photography. Email: info@dallascenterforphotography.org Website: https://dallascenterforphotography.org/classes-and-workshops/what-to-buy-and-why/