Watercolors with Jeff Jensen, SWS: Workshop Feb. 27 & 28

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February 27 – 28, 2021 $180

Jeffrey K. Jensen, AIA, SWS, WFWS is presently President of the Southwestern Watercolor Society and a 38-year veteran of the design industry. His passion for architecture and the built environment has fueled his 45-year love affair of trying to capture the very essence and mood of a “place” on paper or canvas.

You are invited to his 2-day workshop where he will share his process, materials and painting techniques that will hopefully inspire you to even greater success in your own painting endeavors. He will place focus on Fundamentals of Perspective, Composition, Understanding Shapes of Value, Tone, Color and Light. If time and weather permits, a plein air demonstration/outing is planned right outside in the Historic District of Downtoen McKinney.

Participation is limited to 10 students. Beginner through advanced students welcome. https://www.lastartgallery.com/art-class-sign-up/gift-cards/watercolor-workshop-october-17-and-18-lyycg

MATERIALS LIST FOR JEFF JENSEN WATERCOLOR WORKSHOPS AVAILABLE ON OUR HERE; https://www.lastartgallery.com/art-class-sign-up/gift-cards/watercolor-workshop-october-17-and-18-lyycg

Submitted by LAST Art Gallery. Email: mckinneyartcompany@gmail.com Website: https://www.lastartgallery.com/art-class-sign-up/gift-cards/watercolor-workshop-october-17-and-18-lyycg