VAL Lewisville offers free Charcoal Drawing workshop on Dec. 14 by Patty Rodgers

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Visual Art League of Lewisville Offers Free Adult Art Workshop by Patty Rodgers

The Visual Art League of Lewisville will again offer a free workshop that is open to the public. You will need to register on Eventbrite.

Patty Rodgers will be teaching a workshop on charcoal drawing. The date is December 14th, 1 to 4 pm.


Working from still life objects and the interior, we will draw with line and shape, create differing values, design the composition, and draw a convincing sense of volume and light. Charcoal is easy to use. You can smudge it, erase it, cover a large area quickly, and change your mind about the composition. We will work on a large format. Supplies needed are an 18 x 24 good quality drawing paper pad, kneaded erasers, hard erasers, one soft cloth, and soft charcoal sticks, 2B to 3B. All levels are welcome. Advanced students can push the boundaries of their work, making them more expressive of ideas.
Note: Working with charcoal and paper can be very drying to hands. Bring hand cream.
Minimum: 3 students Maximum: 18

This workshop will take place in Classroom 2 in the MCL Grand Theater,
100 N. Charles Street in Lewisville.