Travel Photography

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Date: Saturday, July 20

Time: 9am-1pm

Photographer Peter Poulides is uniquely qualified to teach this class. He started his photographic life in Athens, Greece while attending high school. He went on to shoot for Travel & Leisure magazine for several years, creating more than a dozen feature articles and several magazine covers. He also shot for Travel Holiday, Food and Wine, Smithsonian Magazine and several inflight publications. Early in his career he was named one of the top 100 travel photographers in the world by Travel & Leisure. His travel assignments have taken him around the world and he still has a long list of locations he plans to visit and shoot on his own.

Beyond being able to share your experiences with friends and family, travel photography gives you the ability to record your unique view of the world. The goal is not necessarily to come back with postcard perfect images of all the sites you visit. That’s what postcards are for! Learn to shoot what you really see, what draws your attention. Maybe it’s people, or food, or traffic signs, architecture, gardens, water or crowds. Travel is a personal experience and your photography should reflect your personality. A few great travel shots, printed nicely, can also solve most gift giving dilemmas!

This class is for all levels of photographers using all types of cameras. Even though most of the shots we review will have been shot on a DSLR, the techniques discussed apply to all formats.

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