Tom Lynch Watercolor Workshop October 8-11

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Ellis County Art Association is excited to announce a 4-day workshop with TOM LYNCH, October 8-11, 2019 in Waxahachie, TX. Click on this link for more information and to register!

OCTOBER 8 – 11, 2019

4 days packed with information & individual instruction featuring Tom’s unique style of watercolor painting!

Total Fee: $500*
$250 deposit upon registration
$250 Balance due September 15, 2019.
Workshop fee includes daily lunch!


Tom is a natural teacher who is especially intuitive in developing the student’s own individual needs. For 35 years students from all over the world have attended his successful workshops and acclaimed them with high regard. He has mentored many who are now accomplished professionals. When Tom speaks, he talks openly and candidly. His paintings have that same intensity, expression, and direct appeal. 

Register today….space is limited & this workshop will fill quickly!  

Visit Tom’s website to view his work as well as several videos!

Brief workshop description:

A goal for each day is set, and each student will see an example and understanding of that day’s lesson. There will be daily demonstration paintings, with detailed explanations of all the “hows” and “whys” followed by individual attention to see that each student understands and has an example of the day’s objective. Included will be tips on photography, “on-location” painting and matting. Also, Lynch’s ever-popular program on salvage techniques for discarded paintings during the critique session.

IS THIS WORKSHOP FOR BEGINNERS?  If this workshop sounds too advanced for you…fear no more! I start the first day talking and teaching while doing a short demo, then  work individually with everyone on…How to ‘think like an Artist’…practicing ‘new techniques’…repainting parts of the morning demo together…and a lesson on how to ‘paint loose’.  The second day I work slowly and concentrate on the building blocks of what makes for a successful painting.  Lessons on “how to see like an artist”…having an art word before you start…preliminary color studies…and the first wash lessons.  Again…a lot of visuals, demos, and individual help…focal point…stages to follow (first wash)…seeing in black & white.  So…as an artist you will not have any problem in my workshop if you can:

  • dilute paint and apply
  • mix colors and apply
  • apply paint with flat or round brush
  • experiment with Wet n Wet – Dry Brush
  • Change value with water

If you can do these basic techniques…YOU are no longer a beginner!

  “SPECIAL” PROGRAM for RETURNING STUDENTS:  Tom has developed a new program for returning students.  If you have previously in the last 3 years been in one of his 4 or 5 day workshops, join him again for an “advanced workshop within a workshop”! This customized program provides you with:

  • A review of your artwork before the workshop
  • a customized plan of action during the workshop
  • an extra hour of class time each day during the workshop
  • a special table area during the workshop
  • 1 month prior to workshop Snail mail Tom 3-4 hard copy 5″x7″ color pictures of your current work.

This way you can resume from where you left off after your last workshop and continue to advance further with a personalized plan.  So, it it fits in your schedule this year or at another time…join Tom again.  Let Tom and the Workshop Director know you are a “returning student”.

OTHER INFORMATION:  Lynch brings to his class the same enthusiasm and energy as seen on his (6) national PBS series “Fun with Watercolor” that has been on PBS for the last 20 years. His vast list of accomplishments, credits and awards are listed in “Who’s Who in American Art”. He is a signature member of the Society of American Impressionists and numerous watercolor societies. His work is featured in all the leading art publications including the American Artist magazine, the International Artist magazine, the Wall Street JournalArtist MagazineSouthwest Art and Arts and Antiques. He has written 7 books on watercolor techniques. Among his many prestigious exhibits were a one-man show at the American Embassy in Paris and as the featured artist for four U.S. Open Golf tournaments and numerous PGA events.