Steve Miller: 2-Day Oil Landscape Painting Workshop Jan. 11 & 12, 2019

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January 11 & 12, 2019 (Friday & Saturday) 9am – 4pm

Cost: $120 (includes $25 nonrefundable deposit)

Location: Jaycee Park Center for the Arts, 1975 Puritan Dr., Irving TX. Sponsored by the Irving Art Association.

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This 2-Day Workshop will focus on three foundations of oil painting, and really, creating art in general: Composition, Value and Color. Learning or strengthening these three pillars of visual expression will move us all towards the goal of well composed, harmonious paintings.

Since we are limited in time, we will be working on a landscape. Bring 8 x 10 color photo of your favorite landscape, something that you are excited about painting. (But this landscape should have a foreground, middle ground and background to help us focus on color and value. IE. an example of a good photo for this workshop would be one that perhaps has an old barn in a field in the Foreground, some trees or tree line or other buildings in the middle ground, and distant hills or mountains in the background)

We will talk about and work out some compositions for your subject, creating small thumbnail sketches to get quick visuals of what might work and what might feel awkward. This will serve as a good starting place to sketch out your composition on your support for final painting.

We will also look at value and how it effects a painting. If time permits, we will work through a small value study of your subject.

Finally, we will look at color options as related to a limited palette. If you have never worked with a limited palette, this will be a great opportunity to see the many benefits it brings to the easel. Limiting the palette will simplify the painting process, fine tune the color mixing process and unify the painting, giving the overall work harmony in relation to color.

By Saturday afternoon we will hopefully have a complete or near complete painting that incorporates these three foundations in your painting – composition, value and color.

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About the Artist: Steve Miller

Steve was born in Arlington, Texas in the late 50’s. Although he grew up in several locations across the South, he now lives in Grand Prairie, Texas with his bride of forty years, Donna.

Steve has worked as a freelance illustrator and graphic artist, creating art, illustration and graphics for several publications.

He has also worked in computer animation and digital photography and digital illustration. In contrast to the computer related visuals, he works in oils and pastels, and has won several awards in local art competitions. Steve has no formal education in art, but says: “I have learned, and am learning, from artist friends and instructors who have traveled the road before me, people who are willing to share their knowledge of color, light and other art related concepts they have learned on their ‘journey’”.

Steve says “My foundational goal as an artist is to render the beauty of the incredible creation around us, a world that was created by an awesome God.”

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