“Standing on the Edge Art Book – Online Mixed Media Workshop by Sharen Chatterton

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Join Sharen Chatterton in this unique workshop. We will stand on the edge, jumping into our magical lives.  What if we are meant to go over the edges in life; exploring those things that fill us up and make us whole. Draw, paint and crawl to the edge of each page in this workshop. This is an expression of your creativity, your journey at this time. A time to open up, reach into your creative reservoir, infusing your creative energy into your art and life. This Art Book is a journey that will inspire you. Learn more about yourself; put yourself into the prompts; bring out that which is relevant to your life as you stand on the edge. https://gypsymusestudio.com/workshops/standing-on-the-edge-of-life/

Submitted by Sharen Chatterton. Email: sharen@gypsymusestudio.com Website: https://gypsymusestudio.com/workshops/standing-on-the-edge-of-life/