Skill-Based Color Workshop March 7

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Jessica Hart

March 7, 2020
12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Adult (18+)

Beginner to Advanced

This Skill-Based Color Workshop is a hands-on, collaborative course that explores how subtractive color functions in two-dimensions. The workshop introduces students to the use of color to create depth, control rhythm, and determine focus, as well as color’s emotional effects.

During the workshop, students will work with colored, paper collage techniques on 8 x 10-inch cardboard. This allows the students to focus on the interaction of color without the distraction of mixing paint colors. The structure of this curriculum supports a full range of students’ experience from beginner to advanced.

Using a Bauhaus technique, we will learn from each other’s work by spending a part of the class viewing the exercises the students have done, and supportively commenting on them. Talking about the work also helps the students develop the analytical skills to think about how to use color in artworks.

Participants may bring their own paint chips in a variety of colors to use during the workshop.

All supplies will be provided.


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