Pinhole Camera with Scott Hilton

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Date: Saturday, July 27

Time: 9am-5pm

Make a camera… out of a shoebox and a soda can?

While it’s always fun to explore the latest trends in camera equipment and software, being a good photographer is also a question of getting the basics right- and nothing helps you understand the basics more than Pinhole Photography. This one-day workshop will explore the absolute fundamentals of optics, exposure, and image capture, using technology that is thousands- you read that right, THOUSANDS- of years old.

This class will start with experiencing a true walk-in Camera Obscura and progress to making a pinhole camera. The pinhole camera is a real camera and functions with the same basic principles as all film and digital cameras. Along with learning how to make and use pinhole cameras, you will get a chance to produce a variety of in-camera paper negatives and direct positive prints using traditional darkroom methods and chemicals. Later in the day, you will have the opportunity to experiment with exposure times or double exposures. You can even go offsite to take photos and return to develop in the darkroom.

Dallas Center for Photography

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