Photography Lighting Basics Two-Day Workshop

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Light is the essential tool of photography. Deftly used, it defines the forms of objects, delineates details, and even evokes a mood for the viewers of the images we create. But while it envelopes us every day, most of us are unaware of its importance much of the time — much like the air we breathe.

In these sessions, we’ll talk about what light is and how it behaves. With some very basic knowledge of the nature of light, we’ll begin to explore what it can do and how we can control it to make better pictures. In just a short time, you’ll become more confident with your ability to make images that not only depict objects in front of the camera, but also express what you want to say about the subject.

You’ll be able to try various lights to familiarize yourself with their similarities and differences, and you’ll be able to judge for yourself what tools work best for you and which techniques might be most appropriate for the types of subjects that you want to shoot. You’ll have the opportunity to photograph real models in the studio and ask questions as we go. Finally, we’ll talk about what kind of equipment you need for the type of shooting you do, where you can get it, and what you can improvise when the situation demands it.

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