Photographing 2D Art Sept. 15

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Dallas Center for Photography is offering workshops learning how to photograph 2D artwork. All workshops are held at 4756 Algiers Street, Dallas 75207. Register online at

Photographing 2D Artwork
Saturday, September 15: 9am-3pm

If you’re an artist you know how important it is to get excellent, accurate photos of your finished pieces before they leave your studio.


  • A demonstration of needed lighting equipment, continuous vs. strobe lights, lighting on a budget.
  • Flat vs. grazing light to hide or accentuate texture.
  • How to achieve and repeat even illumination, learning about distance, angle and spread.
  • When polarizers might be needed and how to use them.
  • Getting the geometry right so all your right angles are square!
  • Calibration of camera and monitor for accurate colors.
  • Lens choices.
  • Resolution and sharpness concerns for reproduction quality images.
  • We’ll also look at how to achieve decent results with a smartphone or compact camera.

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