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Painting a 24 x 30 oil on canvas of Fort Worth’s Texas & Pacific Railroad Station in downtown Fort Worth, Texas.

TUESDAYS: Nov. 6, 13, 27 – Dec. 4, 11, 18

2:30 PM – 5:00 PM  $25/Class

Location: ART on the Square Class room, ELLIS COUNTY ART ASSOCIATION , 113 W. FRANKLIN ST.,               WAXAHACHIE, TEXAS 75165   972-937-3414

This series of classes, 6 total, will focus on three foundations of oil painting, and really, creating art in general: Composition, Value and Color.

Learning or strengthening these three pillars of visual expression will move you in the direction of well composed, harmonious paintings.

We will first consider the pros and cons of using photo reference and how to strengthen a photo reference by altering the composition and values it contains.

This will move us into composition … arranging the elements in a painting so that it is visually pleasing. Creating thumbnail sketches of your proposed painting will give you some quick visuals of how the elements come together, before you actually start a painting. The goal of a good composition is to guide the viewers eye to the focal point, or the main reason you were drawn to the subject in the first place.

We will also look at value and how it effects the mood of a painting and gives it some depth, and how value and color work together.

Finally, we will look at palette options, and what is gained by limiting the palette to fewer colors. If you have never worked with a limited palette, this will be a great opportunity to see the many benefits it brings to the easel. Limiting the palette will simplify the painting process, fine-tune the color mixing process and unify the painting, giving the work harmony. Harmony is simply an arrangement of things that is pleasing. When a painting has the structure supplied by color harmony, it’s easier for the brain to understand.


In past years I have worked as an illustrator at a curriculum publishing company, worked as a free-lance illustrator, worked as an animator and graphic designer with a multimedia company. I’ve created children’s magazine illustrations, book illustrations, book jacket designs and painted works on commission. During one segment of this journey I airbrushed vans, motorcycle tanks, T-shirts and a 40 foot mural.

My current subject matter is varied; I simply love to paint God’s creation, past and present; be it architecture  animals, people or the landscape. For me, art must have some kind of meaning and tell a story. I am drawn to subjects that are rich in purpose that may be hidden below the surface. The look in the eyes of a hard working cowboy. The beautiful architecture created by gifted men made in the image of God…the beauty in the pedals of a flower. A pair of well worn boots resting on a wooden floor. Things like an old abandoned barn or house that once heard the laughter of those who called the place “home”. Places and things that speak deeply of life … ideas that live beyond the paint on the canvas.

Best regards,
Ellis County Art Association