Paint Along and Problem-Solve Class with E. Melinda Morrison

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Wednesday’s in August, Friday’s in September
Medium: Oils, acrylics or pastels
Where: Melinda’s studio, 10am – 1pm
2417 Ryan Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76110
Price: $45/class.

Class Description:

Being intentional and doing preparation prior to painting goes a long way in a successful painting, but we all need those problem-solving tools (drawing, value, color/temperature, edges, and texture) to help us address problem areas. “I love helping a student gain the visual language they need for the problem-solving process. It’s always inspirational to see a student take a leap in their work when they concentrate on overcoming weaknesses in those areas.”

This will be a “paint along and problem-solve” class where students will be working on their own projects in the class using their own reference. Melinda will be painting on her own work giving opportunity for students to observe her as she works.

The first hour of the class will be group critiques (1 to 2 paintings each week) of work that students bring to class. This will be an interactive group discussion. The next part of the class will be painting and either improving the painting or working on something of their own choice. Additionally, Melinda will provide ideas and exercises for each student that they can work on in improving their skills. Those exercises can be done at home or in class and can be critiqued if the student chooses. Additionally, Melinda is a strong believer in studying the masters (both past and contemporary) as a learning tool and will introduce students to other artists’ work.

Based on the students interest, a model may be scheduled every two weeks if all are interested. Model fees are in addition to the class fee and will be split between the number of people who come.

Please contact me at 303-881-1122 or if interested.