Oil & Cotton: Painting, Printing + Photography workshops

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Still Life: Plants, Time + Space
Saturday, Jan 25, 3-6pm
Instructor: Danielle Kimsey

This painting class encourages the exploration of personal expression as students connect to the still life and learn to focus on what story they want to reveal, be it the way light cascades across the leaves, the interaction of color, the movement of the lines in the plant, or the details in the surroundings that add context and emotional weight. Register here!

Photowalk + BWFilm Development
Saturday, February 15, 6:30-9pm
Instructor: Melissa Laree Cunningham

Shoot a roll of BW Ilford film and learn to develop negatives without a lab or darkroom. Roll film has been used since the late 1800s and while the names and chemicals have changed, the process has stayed straightforward and accessible. Class will focus on manual shooting with 35mm and medium format cameras to gain proper exposure with black and white film. Includes one roll of Ilford HP5 BW Film. Chemicals and equipment provided. Register here!

DIY Screenprinting
Sundays, February 2-23, 4-6pm
Instructor: Betty Rodriguez and Jessican Trevizo

Join us for our four week DIY Screen Printing Class. This workshop will provide an in depth understanding of the screen printing process. Students will learn everything they need to know to screen print in their own home/studio using affordable equivalents of high-cost equipment. Register here!

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