November Workshops at Oil & Cotton

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Exploring Hand-Stitching + Sashiko
Saturday, Nov 2, 2-6pm
Instructor: Aaron Sanders Head Participants learn the basics behind hand-stitching, as well as the stitches and patterns of Sashiko stitching. Participants will learn the meditative and mindful properties of hand-stitching, and learn to read Sashiko patterns. Learn more here!
Hand Piecing a Naturally Dyed Quilt
Sunday, November 3, 10-4pm
Instructor: Aaron Sanders Head Explore indigo, hand-stitching and quilt-making. Dye natural material in a plant-derived indigo vat, and learn basic shibori techniques for pattern making. Learn introductory hand-piecing techniques for creating a mini log-cabin quilt, and hand-quilting and stitching techniques. Register here!
Glass Votives
Thursday, November 7, 6:30-9pm
Instructor: Larry Pile, The Kessler Craftsman

Create lovely texture and colors in a piece that can be used as a candleholder, a vase or just as beautiful, sculptural art.  A super fun project that will make others exclaim “That’s glass??”. Register here!
Abstraction: Pattern, Repetition and the Glitch
Saturday, November 9, 3-6pm
Instructor: Danielle Kimsey Explore abstraction and how to create an abstract painting that expresses a moment, experience or image that is meaningful. Learn different painting techniques and possibilities for working with Holbein Acryla gouache paint. Register here!
Synesthesia Series: Feel – Face Serums
Friday, November 15, 6:30-8:30pm
Instructor: Ash North Compton

Discover properties of plant-based oils and essential oils suited for handmade face serums. Explore divinatory practices to tap into your intuition to blend. Leave with a fresh face and a custom blended face serum dedicated to your unique chemistry and targeted for your facial requirements (anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, cooling, calming, toning, etc). Register here! | 214.942.0474

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