Mokuhanga Workshop with Kazuko Goto at Paper Arts

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Immerse yourself in the tradition of the Japanese woodcut during this four-week introduction to concepts and techniques of Mokuhanga. Participants will receive instruction in carving, color registration, inking, and hand printing techniques and learn about traditional tools and materials. Produce Black and white and multiple-color prints in edition. Classical and experimental techniques will be explored.

Mokuhanga Workshop with Kazuko Goto

Dallas Artisan Fine Print Studio is honored to have Kazuko Goto returning for this special workshop.

Kazuko was born and raised in Kyoto, Japan. She moved to the United States to study fine arts at the small community college in Rock Springs, Wyoming in 1993. After receiving the Bachelor of Fine Arts from University of Wyoming in 1999, Kazuko moved to Irving, TX to pursue the Master of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking at the University of Dallas. During her study at the University of Dallas, she found her love for Mokuhanga (Japanese woodcut). The intimacy Mokuhanga process brings, helps to transfer her idea into an image. She feels Mokuhanga provides the deep connection to her home country, Japan. Kazuko Goto is currently teaching Relief class at the University of North Texas. Besides printmaking, Kazuko enjoys her time in the Garden and also in the kitchen baking bread.

All Materials and Tools are provided during this Workshop, $275.00

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