Michael Holter Online Watercolor Workshop – Let It Flow July 27 & 28

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Join local watercolor artist Michael Holter for an online workshop from Art Club International in Toronto. July 27 & 28 The main subject of this 2-day workshop is Impressionistic Landscapes. This workshop will focus on the use of watercolor to paint exciting impressionistic paintings.

  • Light & Shadow. You paint from photographs and will explore the use of light and shadow to create interesting compositions and achieve dynamic results.
  • Fundamentals of watercolor painting. We will examine the fundamentals of watercolor painting to assure that all students are familiar with the techniques.
  • Principles & Elements of Design. Daily discussions and application of the principles and elements of design will be woven into your painting experience.

Each day you will engage in exercises that will solidify the content that you are working on and spend time viewing other artists work. We will discuss the methods and the impact that these artists achieve using their techniques. Michael will demonstrate his approach to creating paintings of landscapes. And you will have ample time to successfully complete your own paintings.
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Michael Holter www.michaelholter.com

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