Italy Art Adventure May 2020 with Darla Bostick

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                                                       ITALY, 9-19 MAY 2020

Each year a group accompanies me for my Art Adventure Abroad to a new destination–past trips include Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Denmark, Germany and France. Non-artists/spouses are welcome to come along so bring a friend, or just plan to make new ones! It’s a small group. (There is a terrific discount for registration and payment before 30 November!)


Ten days are planned for your pleasure in the lovely Umbrian region of Italy. Stay at a renovated centuries old monastery and enjoy the local Umbrian meals prepared on site!

Come live in Italy, if only for ten days! Enjoy the company of other artists as we visit charming villages with time to sketch, paint and photograph or simply stroll the markets and shop a bit. We are staying in one place to call home, so no need to manage bags daily. 

Simply put, my Art Adventure is just that. We are a small group of artists (and non-artists who desire the encounter) who experience the culture, sites, foods of another country as we gather photographs and sketch/paint our impressions of the place we visit! I keep an art journal and will show you how to do the same. We use our cameras to gather images and use our time to see the area. This art travel holiday will provide time for both sightseeing and plein aire painting (or create at our “home” in our private studio)!

Make plans to join us 9-19 May 2020 in the Umbria regions of Italy!

The Nitty Gritty:

The rates include your workshop, transport from airport and excursion transport, lodging and chef-prepared meals.  (It does not include your airfare).

Once you arrive in Rome, you’re home. Everything has been arranged, and all you’ll really have to worry about is setting your morning alarm–there’ll be sights to see before lunch – and the morning light is worth it!

For the duration of our retreat/workshop we will be staying at a renovated 16th century monastery. On sight are plenty of areas to explore, a beautiful chapel to use as our studio, gardens and a sense of peace. The cloister, with its trimmed hedges and fountain, the Chapel/Studio with its frescos, the gazebo overlooking the valley, the olive orchard – all of this is yours for your stay.  Each day we will travel in the comfort of our private bus to beautiful local towns. Intimate streets winding up the hillside, secret gardens with figures carved out of rock, vistas with fields of poppies and sunflowers stretching off into the distance, calling you to grab your sketchbook and paints and explore!