How to Photograph your Art (and everything else) Workshop by Bruce Rosenstiel

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How to Photograph your Art (and everything else) Workshop by Grapevine Art Project member and officer Bruce Rosenstiel Email:

Sponssored by the Grapevine Art Project (GAP)
COST $75 for GAP members $100 for non-GAP members

DATE(S): TBD based upon interest level and class size. This full-day workshop will be offered on either a Saturday or Sunday or both (depending on interest) starting at 8:30am and ending between 3:30 and 4:30pm. We are currently considering the Saturday and / or Sunday of October 5, October 12, and November 23. One or more dates will be selected based on your availability. If interested please contact Bruce Rosenstiel directly by emailing

WHAT THE WORKSHOP WILL COVER:  The workshop will cover more than just photographing your art. It will cover how to use your camera, manual camera settings, composition, depth-of-field, the exposure triangle, exposure compensation, etc. You will better understand how to use your camera in a variety of settings. Photographing your art will be the culmination of the lesson. There will be time to photograph your art and Bruce Rosenstiel will be there to assist with that activity. 

WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING TO THE WORKSHOP: Bring your camera , camera lens of 50mm or longer, your camera manual, tripod, and your art. Point-and-shoot cameras with manual controls and optical zoom will also provide good results. For 2D visual artists please also bring a level, a tape measure, and an easel. For 3D visual artists bring a soft box or lightbox if you have one. If you don’t, please let Bruce know if you would like to have one provided.  Bruce will also bring a few tripods for those who might need to borrow one.

WHY GOOD QUALITY PHOTOS ARE HELPFUL: Quality images of your artwork are useful for applications to exhibitions, galleries, contests, and festivals. The images can be used in your own social media and marketing outlets as well as on your website, to help you maintain a portfolio and archive of your work, as well as for inclusion in art catalogs, or books. A good quality reproduction of your work can also potentially give you opportunities to create prints or other merchandise of your original works. — As a reminder please email Bruce Rosenstiel directly at  if you are interested or have additional questions.  Feel free to share this email with anyone you think might be interested.