Handcraft Workshops at Oil & Cotton

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A  R  T  S    A  N  D    C  R  A  F  T  S
   Work with your hands. 
Art is the expression of emotions. Craft results in a tangible output.
Oil and Cotton offers both!  Adult workshops are designed for artists of all levels. Learn to make with us!

OIL & COTTON, 817 W Davis St, Dallas, TX 75208

Q U I C K   L O O K 

February 23 Nested Accordion Books, books and paper  
March 2 Longstitch Bookbinding, books and paper
March 3 Sashiko, textiles  
March 7 Textured Plate, glass  
March 31 Botanical Cyanotype, textiles
April 7 Frame Loom Weaving, textiles
April 14 Sculptural Netting, textiles
B O O K S   A N D   P A P E R Nested Accordion Books 
Saturday, February 23
* Visiting Instructors: Peter and Donna Thomas,Wandering Book Artists

This workshop will explore the exciting world of the artists books. Nested pop up accordion fold book structure was developed by Peter and Donna Thomas. It features two layers of accordion pages that appear to weave in and out of each other. Learn more here!
Longstitch Bookbinding
Saturday, March 2
Instructor: Delaney Smith

The simplicity and visibility of longstitch make it hard to resist! Learn the basics of bookmaking and leave with a beautiful hand bound sketchbook. We will even throw in a few surprises! (Did someone say pockets?!) Learn more here.
G L A S S Textured Plate
Thursday, March 7
Instructor: Larry Pile

In this class students will make an 8” x 8” lovely, textured plate/wall piece using fusible glass.  Learn more here!
T E X T I L E S Sashiko
Sunday, March 3  
Instructors: Lily Smith-Kirkley and Shannon Driscoll

This form of Japanese folk embroidery uses a simple running stitch to create a geometric surface arranged in tessellating patterns. You will find the process is very meditative, relaxing and fun. Learn more here!
Botanical Cyanotype
Sunday, March 31
*Visiting Instructor: Molly Barnes

Learn how to create photographic prints on fabric using florals and sunlight. We will make one of a kind images of a variety of flora on squares of fabric that can then be used for all kinds of sewing projects. Learn more here! 
Frame Loom Weaving
Sunday, Apr 7
Instructor: June Covington

Learn to weave a simple wall hanging using beautiful yarns and tapestry techniques on a frame loom. Use the warp and weft to tell a story, revive a memory, or to experiment with color and pattern. Learn more here! 
Sculptural Netting
Sunday, April 14
Instructor: Analise Minjarez 

Explore open-work textiles through the process of 3D knotted netting around objects! Learn the cultural history of net making and develop conceptual ideas of the netted vessel. Consider how nets and objects can tell a story or hold a memory.
Learn more here! 
Check out our full lineup of workshops in the link below!
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See you in the studio!