Friday Night Lights and Shadows

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PAA-sponsored Thursday Night Live has provided an opportunity for  members who focus on figurative and portrait arts to meet weekly on Thursday evenings and paint or draw from live models. Our venues have varied over the past few years.

Now, thanks to the assistance of Board Member and art instructor at Collin College, Jennifer Seibert, we have recently relocated to a beautiful studio at Collin College. This has opened the opportunity for PAA to fold in an expanded group of like-minded artist who have met on Friday evenings for more than 25 years. This group was actually the predecessor of Thursday Night Live, which originally branched out to form our PAA group. (Interesting circle of events.)  

The combined group will meet on Friday evenings from 7:00 till 10:00 p.m. in Studio A183 at the college. It will operate under the name, “Friday Night Lights and Shadows” and is a session open to members and non-members alike. A fee of $20 is required from each participating artist. A student fee of $10 is also available.

–Plano Art Association