Floral Abstracted Online Watercolor Workshop with Michael Holter

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Join me for another online mini-workshop Saturday June 19th at Noon Central Time. Register Here

Workshops online and in-person
In addition to the following in-person and online workshops sponsored by art groups, check my website for my High Noon Watercolor Workshops. www.michaelholter.com
Art Club International (online) 7/27/2021 – 7/28/2021
San Diego Watercolor Society (in-person) 8/9/2021 – 8/12/2021
Iowa Watercolor Society (in-person) 9/8/2021 – 9/10/2021
Iowa Watercolor Society (in-person) 9/13/2021 – 9/15/2021
California Watercolor Association (online) 10/15/2021 – 10/16/2021
LaCrosse Society of Arts & Crafts (in-person) 10/18/2021 – 10/21/2021
Hoover Watercolor Society (in-person) 11/8/2021 – 11/10/2021
Paint Along with me on these previous mini-workshops. Available on my website and steaming anytime on any device with unlimited play. https://www.michaelholter.com/video