Feb. 22nd at the Encaustic Center: Stencils / Collage, Workday time and / or Beginner workshop!

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Saturday, February 22nd: Stencils / Collage, Workday time and / or Beginner workshop!

Hi friends, a great workshop / workday coming up this Saturday at The Encaustic Center! Please let me know if you’d like to join in!
Saturday, February 22nd: Full Beginner Workshop, Stencils and Collage workshop and / or Independent workday time with Deanna Wood:
Saturday, February 22nd: 10:am to 4:00 pm – see the 3 options below:

1. Stencils and Collage workshop with Deanna Wood: noon to 3:00 pm $70 ALL supplies included. We have plenty of images but you are welcome to bring stencils, laser and/or inkjet images or we can print a few here if you’ll bring jpegs on a jump drive. This 3 hour workshop is designed for artists of all levels, even those new to encaustic painting.

2. Full Beginner / Introductory Workshop 10:00 am to 4:00 pm $130 (includes the Stencils and Collage workshop noon to 3:00 pm) Beginner / Introductory workshop description In these Beginner / Introductory Workshops you will be learning a variety of techniques including how to build layers, fuse, texture, work with grids, stencils, embed objects, incise, transfer, collage and much more along with a working knowledge on how to melt and mix wax, a bit about the history of wax painting, a working knowledge of supplies and how to create your own workspace! All supplies included. 3. Independent Workday Available 10am to 4pm – choose your hours

After you’ve taken a beginner workshop come back and create without any formal instruction using all of our equipment and supplies ($17.00 per hour – the charge for a workday starts at the time you schedule in for). Your rate starts at the time you schedule in for. Thank you!
The Encaustic Center: theencausticcenter.com
580 W.Arapaho Rd. #271
Richardson, TX. 75080
Schedule: http://theencausticcenter.com/schedule.html
Bonny Leibowitz