Brenda Swenson Watercolor Workshop April 21-24

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Negative Painting With Watercolors
April 21st – 24th, 2020

On Saturday, December 14 at 9am, registration will open for the upcoming Brenda Swenson workshop sponsored by the Society of Watercolor Artists in Fort Worth.

Register at

Registration will be open exclusively to SWA Members for one day on Friday and then opens to non-members on Saturday morning. We’re expecting this workshop to fill up quickly, so if you want to be a part of it, make sure to be online and ready to sign up.

Brenda Swenson


Being a painter is more than mastery of techniques. It’s the desire to express how I feel about my world and my response to it. To put simply…to communicate. My tools are that of a painter: brush, paint, paper and ink. I sketch and paint outdoors constantly. Working en plein air has taught me to be observant to the effects of light and atmosphere. I take this knowledge with me into the studio. Being an artist is an endless journey…always struggling to achieve one’s best work. The struggle keeps my work honest and direct.