Beginner DSLR Workshop

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Dallas Center for Photography is offering full-day workshops on the basics of photography. All workshops are held at 4756 Algiers Street, Dallas 75207. Register online at

Upcoming workshops:
September 14: 9am-5pm
October 5: 9am-5pm
November 2: 9am-5pm
December 12: 9am-5pm

Join a small group of novices and learn the basics of your DSLR camera in this full day, hands-on workshop. Includes a live shoot and edit session.


  • Buttons and dials: locating and deciphering the physical controls on your camera.
  • Basic menus & settings: file size, quality, JPG, RAW, TIFF, white balance and ISO.
  • The viewfinder: what information is available and how it helps you.
  • What’s in a name: Why your camera is called a DSLR and what goes on when you take a picture.
  • Exposure: a thorough explanation of shutter speeds, f-stops and their relationship to ISO and light.
  • Motion blur and depth of field: understanding these creative tools is the key to better photos!
  • Exposure modes: getting off the green Auto mode and understanding the difference between P-A-S-M, (P-Av-Tv-M).
  • Built-in flash: when to just say no.
  • Focusing modes: if it’s called auto focus, why do some photos still turn out blurry? Taking control of how and where your camera focuses.
  • Techniques for stability: stance, camera operation, holding the camera.
  • Assignment: we will shoot photos together of live professional models.
  • Assignment review: surprises and near-misses, we end the day with a live edit and slide show of your best shots.

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