Animal Oil Paint Portraiture Workshop August 27 with Suzanne Moseley

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Oil Painting Workshop
Instructor: Suzanne Moseley
Subject: Snow Leopard
Price: $75, includes the canvas
Date: Friday August 27th 9AM-3PM
Location: Harry Myers Community Center
815 E Washington St, Rockwall, TX 75087
Join me for a 6 hour workshop on an oil painting of a snow leopard on Friday, August 27th from 9AM to 3PM. All skill levels are welcome. For more details and to register, go to…/suzanne-moseley…
There will be a short lunch break. Bring your own lunch or the group can choose to do a group delivery.
We will cover a lot of information that will significantly speed up your painting process, improve the drying time, cover brush techniques for fur, and cover the underpainting process for a successful painting.
Canvases will be provided with the drawing pre-applied.
If you need help purchasing the brushes listed below (particularly brushes 1-4), please e-mail me no later than August 20th to request the set at extra cost via e-mail: The cost of the set will range between $19.77 to $35.35 depending on the coupons available at the time the brushes are ordered. I will always order at the lowest available price with coupons and provide a receipt.
Supplies list:
1) Princeton Velvet Touch Series 3950 mini Dagger Striper 1/4″ (found online or Michael’s from $6.72 – $9.49)
2) Princeton Velvet Touch Series 3950 Mini Mop 1/8th” (found online or Michael’s from $7.38 – $12.88)
3) Princeton Select Artiste, Series 3750 Pointed Filbert, size 2 or 4 (found online or at Michael’s $3.18 – $7.99)
4) Goat Hair Oval Brush 1/2″, (found online or at Hobby Lobby $2.49 – $4.99)
5) Any small round: possible sizes include from 0/18 up to 2
6) Any Filbert: possible sizes include from 0 to 4
Oil Colors: Titanium White, Ivory Black, Burnt Umber, French Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Red Light, Naples Yellow, Cerulean Blue, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Flesh Tint/Pale Rose Blush, Burnt Sienna
Canvas: will be supplied and pre-drawn.
Other Items:
Original Liquin by Winsor & Newton- speeds drying time
Odorless Thinner – in glass or metal container with good sealing lid
Paper towels
Palette of choice
Easel of your choice.



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