“Anatomy of a Scene: Activating Setting” ONLINE with Charlotte Gullick

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Setting is the hidden tool in the writer’s took kit – learn to use it with more precision. https://www.writersleague.org/calendar/anatomy-of-a-scene-activating-setting-online-with-charlotte-gullick/

Setting has the potential to energize plot, deepen tension, and reveal character nuances. Yet, many of us overlook this rich aspect of writing craft. This class will dive into the power of location in your writing. We will explore the ways setting can electrify your work, allowing you to enhance your world building and character development. In the morning portion of the class, instruction will include writing exercises, lecture, and reading discussion. In the afternoon, selected student scenes will be workshopped to discuss their strengths and areas of possible improvement.

Submitted by Lindsey Ferris. Email: wlt@writersleague.org Website: https://www.writersleague.org/calendar/anatomy-of-a-scene-activating-setting-online-with-charlotte-gullick/