A Month of Your Life: Weekly Online Photography Workshop

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Your life is interesting. Really! What seems to be mundane today will be fascinating when photographed well, especially when viewed a bit later when you have a little more distance from your current story. It turns out that if you just photograph what is in front of you, the photos will tell the story on their own.

In this eight-week workshop we will focus on what is closest to you in your life. Each person will create a snapshot of their lives over a one-month period. By shooting each week, with an image review from the instructor and your peers, you will reveal the ongoing story that is your life. It is a form of self-portraiture without ever actually photographing your own face. We’ll be more interested in the seemingly mundane activities and details of your morning routine, your family, your hobbies, friends, work, your closet, yard and the endless small details that make up your life. It’s all fleeting, and it’s all worth capturing. There is beauty in the ordinary.

DCP Executive Director Peter Poulides has been teaching classes at DCP for over 10 years, but this will be his first long-form workshop.

This workshop is about learning to see and capture strong images with whatever tool is at hand. Any camera will do. You’re welcome to use anything from a smartphone to pro DSLR, or even film if you have a way to process and scan each week. https://dallascenterforphotography.org/classes-and-workshops/a-month-of-your-life/

This 8-week class series begins on Wednesday, April 14 from 6pm-8pm CDT. All classes will be held online via Zoom.
Early registration: $575 – Late registration: $625

Submitted by Dallas Center for Photography. Email: info@dallascenterforphotography.org Website: https://dallascenterforphotography.org/classes-and-workshops/a-month-of-your-life/