ProtoSPARK! Phase Two Construction Begins



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ProtoSPARK! Construction Continues
Phase Two of the ProtoSPARK! build-out is underway. Architects, structural engineers and the Creative Committee have been hard at work planning the climb-crawl-slide sculpture (CCS) for the lower level of the space. This week, engineers and welders will drill into the core of the 103-year-old columns at Southside on Lamar to embed the structural rigging to support the CCS. Next comes welding of the expansion beams and supporting spans. Soon we’ll call for volunteers to help with the project, and you’ll have a chance to put your creativity into action and make your mark as we turn phase two into a fun and engaging space!

SPARK! 2015-2016 Teen Board Applications Open
Do you know any teenagers in 9th through 12th grade (as of September 1, 2015) who want to contribute to the creativity conversation spearheaded by SPARK!? If so, please encourage them to apply for the SPARK! Teen Board by March 31, 2015. We are looking for a broad cross-section of teens from public, private and charter schools. The Teen Board kick-off meeting will be Sunday, April 19, from 2 – 4 p.m. at ProtoSPARK! The application link can be found here: more information or if you have questions, please contact Meredith Richardson, Director of Community Engagement, at

News from the Board
We are excited for 2015 as we anticipate completing the build-out of our space and starting programming. The board and staff have set a goal to begin programming when school lets out for the summer and to serve 5,000 children in the first year – half of whom are expected to come from the at-risk community.

Advisory Council Update
We are thrilled to welcome four new Advisory Council members:

  • Marsha Clark is the founder and owner of Marsha Clark and Associates, an independent consulting firm offering programs, workshops and coaching targeted to enhance leadership, team, and individual development.
  • Dave Gunby is the owner of Mindimensions, a leadership training and facilitation company dedicated to assisting others to use their leadership abilities to their fullest.
  • Chris Hills is Director of Accounting for Dallas Zoo Management.
  • Suzanne La Rash is a Senior Accountant at Mothers Against Drunk Driving and has 15 years of nonprofit experience specializing in grants, budgets, audits and internal controls.

Amazon Wish List
With programming already underway, our need for materials and supplies is growing. Check out ourAmazon Wish List and consider making an in-kind donation to support our creative programming!

Spring Break Fun
Join SPARK! for spring break by posting a picture creatively incorporating our bendy-buddy pens or logo on Instagram! Use #AdventuresinCreativity to share your adventure, and don’t forget to follow us @SPARK_DALLAS. Have a fun and safe break!


Support Our Vision
When children self-define as creative, they have higher self-esteem, better problem-solving skills, and go farther in their education. Your gift will provide children throughout the Metroplex with access to creative, hands-on programming that will serve them in their educational and professional development. If you’d like to support our vision, please visit our donate page.

Share the News
Please help us keep the fuse lit by spreading the word about SPARK! Forward this update to anyone you know who supports the mission of igniting the spark of creativity inherent in all children. If anyone you know would like to be added to the distribution list, they may do so by signing up here.


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