This Saturday! 500x Openings include Valerie Powell and Tabatha Trolli, Project Spaces, reception 7-10pm

500x Gallery Exhibitions

November 11 – December 3, 2017

Reception – November 11, 7pm-10pm


On Water 
solo exhibition by Valerie Powell
Downstairs / Main Gallery

Valerie Powell’s solo exhibition, On Water, features new drawings and sculptures as well as a site specific wall installation, informed by the rising water of hurricane Harvey on the Houston area, where she lives. Inspired by both the devastation caused by Harvey as well as the resilience of the human condition witnessed by the kindness and generosity felt by many after the storm, this exhibition of new work explores the tension of being under/on water. Continuing to investigate the complexities of being human, Powell’s new work reflects upon memories of floating and the sensation of being carried by a force greater then yourself.  On Water maps both physical and psychological journeys navigating the space between disaster and hope.

Pass Trough Me 
solo exhibition by Tabatha Trolli
Upstairs / Main Gallery

Tabatha Trolli’s solo exhibition, Pass Through Me, invites the viewer to inhabit a tunnel-like space as one might if shrunken and placed inside of a whale…a tomb…an underwater cave.

The space itself is a passage, momentarily transfixed by its current place in time. Connections can be made between the physical body and the sculptural object. Objects are imbued with their own unique appeal and have no shame in their boldness. The sculptures are layered, worn and seem to have lived once before, an alternate existence with different meanings. The artist is inviting her viewer to a place, vulnerable yet unafraid, to stay true to oneself. Further, she aims to provoke them to consider their own relationship between the objects and themselves.

Plausible Structures?
Scotty Hensler
Downstairs / Project Space

“A pool of ambient information encompasses us; I unconsciously and consciously filter and sample from that expanse. There is a magnetic accumulation of notions and material that impress upon me about place and person.” This new work from Scotty Hensler is that amassing of materials, both physical and in thought, that spawn from the artist’s relationships with art, art history, people, structures. The exhibition will be all new paint and sculptural work with an installation art component. The materials are wood, oil and acrylic paint, foam, nylon, plastics, found objects.

Nat Olmo
Upstairs / Project Space

seawiid is “an installation by Nat Olmo using remnants of sludgy trash water environments to explore accumulation as adornment and attempt to discover connections between artificiality and a traditional sense of ‘real’ or ‘natural’.”

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