Deborah Harrington: ​A Horse of a Different Color

D E B O R A H  H A R R I N G T O N


Deborah Harrington:

​A Horse of a Different Color

Opening February 1st from

Exhibition Dates: February 1st-28th

Using the figure of the “Horse”, Deborah has incorporated a layering of color & fantasy as a backdrop.Coming from a background of portrait works for many years,where the likeness of the subject is everything, Deborah has enjoyed the freeing up & explorationof color & space bringing a joyful finish to the beauty of the Horse.Each painting is either a singular note to a larger theme, or a theme unto itself.Deborah uses the playful backdrop of color to render the”Horse of a Different Color” into a delicious world of viewing and rhythm.

“Stone Pony”


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“Stepping Out”

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