Christopher Gonzalez: Color Chaos at Epocha


Christopher Gonzalez’s Color Chaos

Opening July 10, 2015 6-9 pm at Epocha

2540 Elm St., Dallas TX

Christopher Gonzalez’s eclectic practice-incorporating sculpture, paint, installation and repurposed materials is unified by a combination of every day color and life. In COLOR CHAOS Christopher masterfully injected his subconscious thoughts, personality and creative flare into his art work. As part of his exhibition at EPOCHA, Gonzalez creates an installation as his center piece entitled “Don’t Take My Bike”, in this piece he uses purple neon, black acrylic and a chrome bicycle to create an illusion of the bike disappearing into oblivion, as if being taken by an unknown force. Christopher invites you to create your own illusion of each piece taking you on a magical ride of art and real life conjured up in the deep recesses of his minds eye.

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