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Painting a path through creativity Watermedia Workshop Nov. 15 & 16 (Nemec)

Painting a path through creativity, a 2 day WATERMEDIA WORKSHOP with P. Rayer Nemec

Nov. 15th & 16th
9:30am – 3:30pm

Workshop fee: $150 for both days: Wednesday, Nov. 15th & Thursday, Nov. 16th.

Location: Jaycee Park Center for the Arts, 1975 Puritan, Irving TX 75061  directions

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Supply list: Nemec supplylist

Kick start your creative spirit while experiencing the painting process. There will be small creative exercises in out of the box experiences to complement the ongoing painting process. These are designed to give you a multitude of ideas and to get you to think outside the edge of the paper, the surface of the canvas, the page, the tube, the palette, or the lens. It will give you permission to always ask “What If?”

We will be combining realism and abstraction to create compositions that begin in the heart and provide answers to those passions you want to bring to your studio? What color resonates in your feelings? What possibilities can you create from building on your past successful painting experiences? Each exercise will be a personal catalog of ideas to inspire your present and future work.

A variety of approaches to the painting process will be explored, allowing you to determine the ones that work best for you. This is not a class in paint like me but one in painting like you. Through the work in class and the sharing of ideas and suggestions during your daily painting revue you should have an abundance of ideas for future work and a clearer vision of how to go about doing your work with individuality and personal choice.


The Class:

Several paintings will be started each day. On the first day creative thinking exercises will be done while painting starts are drying. There will be a class evaluation at the end of each session and a discussion of goals and processes for the next day. On the second day the layering process will be explored, bringing the painting starts to another level. Quick demonstrations of water media techniques will be presented at least 2Xs a day.

The last day will be a concentration on design, values, composition and emotional impact in order to know how you want to finish your work. You will go back to your studio with several wonderful notes and packets of creativity resources that you created in the class.

T.S. Eliot said, “Between the idea and the reality, falls the shadow.” How we think our art and writing should look and what actually happens is often out of our control. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be something as good as or better than we planned. If we are attached to the vision of what it must look like, we are robbing ourselves of the pleasure that can come from going with the flow and looking for what the work itself wants to become…and then accepting it as the wonder it is. This workshop encourages going with the flow, being loose and letting the painting tell you what it needs.

A supply list will be provided once you sign up for the class.


Paula Rayer Nemec, Bio 2017

Designer, Painter, Lecturer, Juror, Teacher


  • Multilayered Media, acrylic, oil, cold wax medium, graphite, gouache, pastel oil sticks, collage and found objects.
  • Influence of Asian concepts of simplicity and restrained design.
  • Subtle colors of the Renaissance painters.
  • Line, Text and Imagery of the everyday.
  • The Spirit and Essence of my life.

My passion is the perseverance of the creative process. To always be changing and growing, constantly asking why and why not, pushing the process in new directions. One of my loves is to enable other creative people to share in this process. This is accomplished through my teaching and lecturing around the country. “My art and my life are always in process, always changing, taking new shapes and going down different avenues of creativity.”

Paula is the recipient of many outstanding awards and has participated in group and individual exhibits throughout the U.S. and Europe. She maintains a studio in Dallas and is represented by design studios in Dallas, Houston and Florida. She is also a member of Art Focus XC http://www.artfocusxc.com/nemec.html.


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Mark Mehaffey Workshop April 24-27



Mark Mehaffey, award winning artist and teacher, will be teaching a workshop in Austin at Apache Shore from April 24-27, 2017. http://www.waterloowatercolor.org/workshops.html

Please go to www.waterloowatercolor.org for more information and how to register and pay.  For more information, please contact Michele Missner, mmmmissner@gmail.com

About Mark:

Internationally recognized artist Mark E. Mehaffey is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society; Dolphin Fellow, the National Watercolor Society, Watercolor USA Honor Society, the Transparent Watercolor Society of America, Signature Life Member – Master Status, Watercolor West, the Rocky Mountain Watermedia Society, the Louisiana Watercolor Society; Signature Life Member, the International Society of Experiential Artist, Signature Life Member and the International Society of Acrylic Painters.


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Doug Walton New Year’s Workshop – Jan 2017




DATE: Fri-Sun, Jan. 6, 7, & 8, 2017

TIME: 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
FEE: $165 for three days or $60 per day.
A $50 deposit will hold your place
T’was the week after New Years
And all through the space
They were painting, creating – 
a smile on each face!

The students assembled
their colors with care
Expecting Doug Walton
Soon would be there!

Come Carol, and Lisa,
Come Jenny and Sue
Now Sarah, and Laura,
and Constance and Drew!

From the tips of our brushes
to the depths of our heart
At The Upstairs Gallery
We live for our art!


Doug Walton Spring-Break Encounter

Fri–Tue. March 10-14, 2017
TIME: 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
FEE: $275 for five days or $60 per day for fewer than three days. A $50 deposit will hold your place.

GIFT CERTIFICATES FOR ART CLASSES ARE AVAILABLE FOR ANY OF OUR ADULT OR KIDS CLASSES.   From beginners to practicing professionals, The Upstairs Gallery offers a wide selection of Art Classes and Workshops offering instruction in various mediums.

The Upstairs Gallery
1038 West Abram, Arlington, TX 76013 817.277.6961

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Darla Bostick’s 8th Annual Ghost Ranch Art Workshop & Retreat

Bostickpostcard front

If you have considered leaving home to pursue your love of art (even if just for a week), my Ghost Ranch art workshop puts you in touch with that creative spirit. Ghost Ranch is a retreat area with a rustic atmosphere.  This art event promises to be a unique experience of fun and exploration–stretching the possibilities of our art work and setting out in new directions.  Unlike other workshops, this one is simply pure artistic pleasure—gorgeous southwest scenery, learning, sharing, painting, drawing, photographing, text, and more!  Learn how to capture the spirit of a place and translate that into a totally original piece of art!

DATES: Your art retreat package includes instruction with some materials provided, lodging and meals! The workshop begins Sunday, 4 October and ends Saturday after breakfast 11 October.

 INSTRUCTION:  We use several media but primarily watercolor and acrylic (sometimes enhanced with other materials). The workshop/ retreat combines the media of photography, watercolor, ink, acrylic, colored pencil and more! We will use watercolor paper, clayboard, yupo, tissue and more! Bring your favorite materials along. There are opportunities for plein aire as well as the comfort of a group activity room for our use. Our workshop area has floor to ceiling windows and occasionally we watch an afternoon storm blow across, refreshing the air and intensifying the landscape colors. There will be daily demos, slide presentations, a bit of fun with door prizes and optional happy hour at day’ end, etc. My website shows some of Ghost Ranch demo work and photos showing the stages of how I work from sites at Ghost Ranch to finished paintings.

Bostickpostcard back jpeg

FIELD TRIPS: Ghost Ranch is the area where Georgia O’Keeffe lived during the most recognized era of her life and art. The Georgia O’Keeffe Landscape Tour is an optional field trip during the week. We will be transported to the private lands of the Ranch, practically following her footsteps, to the very places where she painted. We can look at the landscape while referring to a copy of her artwork.  There is a second tour of the O’Keeffe Home/Studio in nearby Abiquiu where we can experience her life and working place. Both tours are available at a small additional cost.  We sometimes drive over to a nearby interesting spot and it varies each year. We’ve been to a monastery, the White Place, the natural amphitheater, a local art walk or show, local gallery, etc.

WHO COMES: Beginners and seasoned artists are all welcome! My workshop has drawn participants from NM, OK, AZ, TX, KS, PA, CO, NY, IA and CA. There is no shortage of sharing experiences. The best idea is to bring a roommate along. If you register alone but wish to avoid the additional expense of a single room, I will try to match you with another single participant. It is not unusual to have a non-painting spouse come along and they are welcome to join us for the tours, meals and evenings in the New Arts Building, as well as our meet and greet the first night. Their daytime hours are at their own device. The Ranch has several programs running the same time as my workshop and that is an option also. I like for each person to have their own workspace and table, so the group is limited to 16.

ROOMING:  Specific rooming prices are determined by room type and number of occupants in the room. The registration form on my website explains in more detail. The price of the lodging is totally set by Ghost Ranch. They have a wide range of room types and each one is a different rate. To determine your lodging, go to my website   www.darlabostick.com or the website of Ghost Ranch and check out the photographs and rates. The easiest summary is the registration form on my website. It lists far more information concerning registration, our schedule, lodging and meals along with photos showing you what to expect. The registration form has details to the penny on your expenses.

ACTIVITIES:  I hope you can make it for this unique experience. Some participants in the past have taken time out for hiking and horseback riding at the Ranch and these things work well with our schedule.

GETTING THERE: If you are interested in flying to the workshop, American Airlines Eagle flights now service Santa Fe, NM from DFW and LAX! This would place you one hour closer to Abiquiu than if you fly into Albuquerque. (Southwest Airlines is one of those offering flights in Albuquerque, which is one hour south of Santa Fe).  Abiquiu is about one hour further north from Santa Fe. Last year I helped artists carpool from the airport. I drive from the DFW area with no trouble but spend one night before arriving at the Ranch. This is covered in more detail with a map on my website.

COST:  The workshop fee is $495. The room and board for 6 days and the lodging with meals is additional at the rate Ghost Ranch charges.  This is for (almost) a week of instruction at Ghost Ranch from8:30 am through the evening and includes all your instruction, materials I bring to share and use of the beautiful New Arts Building with floor to ceiling windows. The time we choose for ending each day is very flexible and I work with the wishes of the group. One group was ready to quit at 8:30, another year we painted until 10pm…so it really depends on each individual.

We have some wonderful sponsors for the workshop this year! I think you will be pleased.

Please help spread the word if you have a friend or art group who might be interested. I am not hired by Ghost Ranch. This is my 8th Ghost Ranch workshop there and I promote it, teach it and handle all the arrangements myself.

Last year 4 people were turned away due to the workshop filling. Do not wait to decide if you want to join us. Finally, I will place you on my “Future Workshop” email list and keep you posted of future workshops (unless you prefer I not do this)!

Contact me with any questions,

Darla Bostick (940.320.5660)

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