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Craft Guild of Dallas Spring Show & Sale May 12-14


The Craft Guild of Dallas will present its Spring Show and Sale Friday, May 12th through Sunday, May 14th at its Studios at Valley View Center at 13331 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75240.

This event will showcase unique, one of a kind, handcrafted works of art made by members of the Craft Guild.  You will see and have the opportunity to purchase artists’ works in jewelry, glass, pottery, sculpture, hand-bound books, paintings, drawings, photography, and fiber art. During the four-day Show and Sale, our studios will also be open and will feature live artist demonstrations.

The public is invited to attend the free opening night reception Friday evening, May 12th from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. featuring live music, refreshments and shopping.


Friday, May 12th                       10:00 am to 9:00 pm                 

   Opening Night Reception                    6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Saturday, May 13th                       10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Sunday, May 14th 11:00 am to 5:00 pm


Where:            Craft Guild of Dallas Studios

      Valley View Center (AMC Entrance)

                        13331 Preston Road

                        Dallas, TX 75240

(972) 490-0303                      



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Craft Guild of Dallas Summer Classes



  • Bookbinding & Leatherworking
  • Clay
  • Drawing & Painting
  • Glass
  • Metals
  • Youth Art

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Midtown ARTwalk Jan. 21


Experience the “Magic” that is Midtown ARTwalk!

FREE Admission, Entertainment, and Spirits!
Open Artist Studios and Galleries
Saturday, January 21, 20176-10 pm


Live Music by:
Robin Willis

(contact 3rdsaturdayartwalk@gmail.com)

If you have not been to ARTwalk take a sneak peek here:
Video by Sonny Jefferson:

“Circus Freaks”, a plucky band of versatile variety vaudevillians who mix improvisational theater, musical mayhem and big top talent for your circus entertainment.

MidTown ARTwalk promotes local visual art and artists in a wide range of mediums and artistic style, including painting, sculpture, metal art, handmade jewelry, fiber art, photography, pottery, and glass works.

GMT & Artist Studios:

Gallery At Midtown

Midtown Artist Studios:
Sonny Jefferson
Terry Mueller
Ed Hall
Dave Cudlipp
Robert Orsowski
Liz London

Dallas Craft Guild (located in Sears Wing)
Kidz ART

Paint My Pottery
Cleo’s Creations
Rebecca Blasser

Gallery E
Carolyn Collins
SkyPony Studio
Troik Studio
Dragonfly Studio Creations
SKS Gallery
Brandi Cooper Studio

The Small Gallery
Fit For Life

Studio 8:
Du Chau
Donna Head
Riki Greenspan
Lise Dearborn
Marina Shterenberg

Lower Level

Paul Riddle

MidTown ARTwalk is a fine art event that takes place the 3rd Saturday of each month at the Gallery At Midtown & Artist Studios, located inside Valley View Center, Dallas, Texas.

Gallery At Midtown & Artist Studios
Valley View Center
13331 Preston Road
Dallas, Texas 75240

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New Year, New Low Price Booth Fee at Midtown Artwalk


New Booth Fee $25 and a huge update

I truly hope your holiday season was the best yet.

I have excellent news for all the artists. As you know, it’s been in the news about Valley View being demolished. Well, parts of it is being demolished and they did start on the demolition.

Eventually it will all be gone, however there will be at least six more Artwalks between now and then. I know this because several AMC staff told me their management told them that AMC extended their lease for another 6 months.

I am lowering the booth fee to $25 and changing up a few things.

To sign up contact Jaye, manager of Skypony Studio 3rdsaturdayartwalk@gmail.com or 214-938-0125

As many of you know, I manage Skypony Studio and we do very well because I stay open late nights every weekend. Including Artwalk weekends. So when many of you have some to me and said you don’t make that many sales, I realized that Skypony seemed to be the only gallery doing well.

That is not my only goal–I want everyone to succeed which is why I changed the setup time from 5 pm to 1 pm when I first took over Artwalk.

Now, I realized that still, many artists have given up on Valley View because of all the media attention regarding the demolition. Many artists closed their galleries, but I can assure you that when it’s time to leave for good, Skypony Studio will no longer be there. So as long as we are there, then there will be an Artwalk.

Now for the game changers.

Valley View is considered a dead mall. During opening night of Star Wars, I watched over 1,000 people flock to the movies and overheard many conversations about how the mall is dead. So if you have this many people confirming that–then we have an issue. A problem that needs to be solved.

This problem is your perception of Valley View as a dead mall. 

Instead of seeing it as such, see it as an opportunity to show off your art. While it is still here, you have a chance to get out there and be seen. Sometimes it will be slow, others there will be a major movie release and AMC Valley View has the cheapest opening night tickets. $6 and $10 3D, which is why I emphasize too much about the movie crowd.

I’ve said before that you need quick selling items, but it’s been brought to my attention that many of you get people coming but not buying. So this bad thing can actually be turned into a great thing and here’s how:

Instead of seeking to make sales, you need to seek to make connections. 

Ever heard of network marketing? Avon. Doterra, Mary Kay are all MLM’s which is a multi level marketing system. They use network marketing to make their money. It’s simply selling yourself to others without seeming like a desperate salesperson. I’ve read the book by Eric Worres called Go Pro. He specializes in the network marketing industry and he says make it your goal to always make at least two connections each day.

During the Artwalk you have the opportunity to make over a hundred connections. GMT has clients who frequent the Artwalks.

The goal now isn’t to make sales, but to make connections. Connections mean repeat customers. So what you need to do is invest in business cards and flyers, make yourself known. Use the Artwalk to promote your brand. Yes, you have a brand–you ARE your brand.

This is why I am lowering the booth fee to $25. I am looking for artists who want to promote their brands and focus on building those connections. By lowering the fee, you can save $35 and use it to invest in business cars, flyers. Design a 4X6 flyer and print it out at Walgreens. I pay $20 for around 100 of them. Turn your flyers into value by including a coupon for shopping in your gallery, online store, or for whatever you wish.

Valley View may be going away soon but right now, it is still here. And you can use it to make a name for yourself as an artist. You can take pictures of your booth, post them online, make a blog about them, and this will give you an image of a professional artist who is big enough to do shows. Meaning you are doing well.

When people buy from me, it’s because I don’t seem desperate even though those jewelry sales put food on the table. People can sense when you are too eager for a sale which is why I want artists who are interested in showing, rather than selling, their work. Here’s an example of a confident artist:

Imagine your booth and a person walking up to it. Instead of bombarding them, just greet them and introduce yourself. Hi, my name is Jaye and this is my work. Let me know if you have any questions.

Their usual response, “Oh wow YOU did this? It’s amazing!” Even though I am inside the gallery, people don’t seem to get that the jewelry is mine.

6 out of 10 people walk away. 4 out of 10 buy. But 10 out of 10 always return because we had a conversation about a particular piece. And they either bring a friend, or another person says, “Hey my friend so and so was here yesterday, are you the jewelry artist?”

This is how you get sales–by making yourself memorable.

So instead of coming to Artwalk hoping to make your booth fee–I lowered the fee so you can afford to come out and stand out while we still have Valley View.

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New Year, New Workshops! at the Craft Guild of Dallas


A New Year at the Guild – January, 2017

Key Dates – January
1/4  Class schedules begin
1/6  Free public lecture featuring guest artist Billy Ray Mangham – 7:30 pm
Spring classes now open!
Spring session classes are now open online for registration; reserve your spot now by clicking here.

Make This Your Breakthrough Year As An Artist

craftguildglassEver feel that you’re just continuing to create the same old stuff?  Try recharging your creative batteries by exploring new techniques in a workshop, or taking a class in another medium.

As our artists report, you’ll be surprised how creating art in a different medium will frequently be a break-through moment in your primary artistic pursuit.

Check out all upcoming workshops here:

1/04 Fossil Vitra – Fused Glass
1/07 Heads UP! Stretching 3D
         Canvas in Clay
1/08 Fused Glass Jewelry
1/15 Tools, tools, tools! (metals)
1/20 An Evening in the Pottery
1/22 Glass Part Sheets
1/28 Fusing Twigs, Strips, Tiles and Chips
1/29 Polishing and Finishing (Metals)
2/05 Lampwork Flowers for Fusing
2/17 An Evening in the Pottery
2/19 Intro to Stained Glass
New!  Want to introduce a friend to the fun of working with clay, or want to plan a fun date night? Try the affordable Evening in the Pottery workshop, offered monthly on a Friday evening!

New Year, New Kiln

Barrie Curtsinger, instructor, tries out the Guild’s new kiln for size
The Guild received a big boost towards its new facility with the recent donation of a very large, almost-new kiln which was custom built for a noted area potter.
Excited clay department representatives toured the kiln this week; its donation means that clay students will be able to fire to cone 10 almost as soon as the Guild opens its permanent home.
billyraymanghamThe Guild Welcomes Guest Clay Artist Billy Ray Mangham
The Guild is proud to bring Billy Ray Mangham to Dallas in a two-day workshop on creating a human head in clay as a canvas for artistic statement.
As an added bonus, the workshop will address key artistic issues:  how to overcome fear and creative blockage, the importance of being in the flow, and the difference between fine art and folk art.
You’re invited!  Free public lecture
Join the Guild for a free public lecture and reception for the artist on Friday, January 6th, at 7:30 p.m. at the Guild’s studios at Valley View Mall (the northeast corner of Preston and LBJ).
Only a handful of spots are still open for this popular workshop; click here to grab one of the last seats.

New Year, New Board

Congratulations to the new members of the Guild’s Board of Directors, elected in December: Laura Easterling, Ron Lieberman, and Patrice Miller; and to Becky Moore who was re-elected for an additional term. They join existing board members Douglas Curran, Charlotte Edwards, Cherie Fruehan, Claudette LaFerney, and Deb Note. The board meets in early January to elect officers for the year.

The Guild wishes to thank retiring board members Angela Brown and Martha Vaughan for their contributions and years of service.

What’s our mission?

Our board met earlier this year in a strategic planning session for the Guild. As part of that process, the board revisited and simplified our mission statement, and extended it into vision and values statements.

Have you seen this sign at the Guild?

It’s a direct result of the new, updated mission statement which helps keep the Guild focused on creating better artistic learning experiences for you:

Mission:  To enrich lives by providing an environment for inspiring, experiencing, and creating art.

Vision: The Craft Guild is a community in which people of all skill levels can discover their artistic spirit, ignite their creativity and expand their skills. Through diverse learning experiences, and interactions with and exposure to locally and internationally renowned artists, we build an increased appreciation of hand-crafted, original art.

If you’re interested in helping the Guild in future planning or other leadership roles, please contact us at president@craftguildofdallas.org.
Always See the Latest!

Want to see what’s going on at the Guild, or be the first to know about a new event? Just follow us on Facebook and Instagram!
Like us on Facebook  View on Instagram
The Craft Guild at
Valley View Center
13331 Preston Road,
Suite 2118,

Dallas, TX 75240

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BAZAART! December 10th at Small Gallery & SLANT


THE SMALL GALLERY & SLANT have joined forces and invited some of our favorite local talent to share their best one-of-a-kind gift items in a one day holiday shopping event – BAZAART!

There will be giftable, wearable, giveable, shareable, collectable, and affordable items available for every budget, made by imaginable and commendable artists and artisans.

While you’re there – you can also check out the current featured exhibits at each gallery. Robert Moore’s ‘Canyon Watercolors’@ Slant (slantx.weebly.com), and Anna Ford Crowley’s ‘The Dragon That Never Sleeps’ @ Small Gallery (thesmallgallery.net).

This event is free. Come, and go as you please. Find us on the upper level in the west wing of Valley View @ 13331 Preston Rd., Dallas (Preston/LBJ).

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Midtown ARTwalk Nov. 19


Experience the “Magic” that is Midtown ARTwalk!

FREE Admission, Entertainment, and Spirits!
Open Artist Studios and Galleries
Saturday, November 19, 2016
6-10 pm
Over 40 Art Galleries Under One Roof!

(contact 3rdsaturdayartwalk@gmail.com)

If you have not been to ARTwalk take a sneak peek here:
Video by Sonny Jefferson:

“Circus Freaks”, a plucky band of versatile variety vaudevillians who mix improvisational theater, musical mayhem and big top talent for your circus entertainment.

MidTown ARTwalk promotes local visual art and artists in a wide range of mediums and artistic style, including painting, sculpture, metal art, handmade jewelry, fiber art, photography, pottery, and glass works.

GMT & Artist Studios: for list see https://www.facebook.com/events/642300699273208/

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October Artwalk at Valley View : Halloween Party and Artists’ Booths


Saturday, October 15, 2016, come on over to Valley View and let’s have a Halloween Artwalk Festival. 

Booth Fees are now back down to $50 and you can come as early as 1pm to set up.

I will continue to honor whatever previous arrangements you’ve made with Michelle–I want this Artwalk person transition to be easy for everyone.

Artwalk Halloween Event

This is the October Artwalk so this means Halloween fun time. Dress up on your Halloween costume and let’s make the mall festive.

The idea is to energize the movie goers and get them excited about Artwalk and the art galleries. When they are excited, they will want to come and support local artists.

So if they see people dressed up as their movie characters, giving out candy, etc, they will spend more time and hopefully money on your art.

Halloween Costume Idea:

Dress up as a character from your favorite movie. I can tell you that Suicide Squad was a huge hit in the mall–there was an event with cosplay (people dressing up as their favorite characters) and the mall was super busy on opening weekend.

Movies That Will Be Released on Artwalk Weekend

Some of the popular movies that will bring in the crowds will be released on Artwalk Weekend are:

Max Steel
The Accountant
Kevin Hart: What Now?

Remember that our AMC has the lowest priced tickets in town. $6 for movies and $8 for 3D–these are the evening prices every day including opening weekends so take advantage of this.

On Saturdays it gets busier after 5pm and the crowds come for the movies up until 12 am.

Movies are the main reason people come to Valley View Mall–it’s what it’s known for so if we make the movie goer’s experience unique they will bring their friends and so on.

Ideas To Attract People To Your Booth or Gallery

Give out more than wine. People expect the wine now so we need to get a bit creative. Since this is Halloween Artwalk, you can give out candy and treats.

Dress up your gallery a little bit for the holiday. Skulls are in as well so having some quick selling prints of your art with skulls or something creepy/Halloween themed may sell faster.

Here is a Pinterest board filled with great Halloween ideas you might find useful. 

How To Make This Artwalk A Huge Success:

Make sure you have your business cards and flyers ready. Maybe attach a piece of candy to them to make them memorable.

Let me know how many tables you need and if you need electricity as soon as possible. Remember first come first served.

Invite your friends. Call them, tell them to dress up and remember this is a fun and FREE event. Create a Facebook Event from your own account–grab the images from GMT’s event if you need them.

Stop by Skypony or GMT for Artwalk flyers if you need them–we provide them free of charge.

As always, I am here for any questions, comments, and ideas on how to make Artwalk a huge success.



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