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Ted Houston Watercolor/printmaking demo Feb. 21 in Richardson


The next Richardson Civic Art Society meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 21, 2017.

The February Demonstrator will be Ted Houston, demonstrating watercolor/print making. The meeting starts at 6:30.

Ted combines a skill in drawing with a love for color to create emotionally evocative work in a variety of media including oil painting, water color, drawing, and printmaking.

A modern renaissance man, Ted started his study of life drawing at the Philadelphia Academy of Art while earning his PhD in Physics at the University of Pennsylvania. On moving to Dallas, he continued his study of life drawing with Roger Winters, and later with Bill Comodor. Ted has also studied painting and printmaking at Brookhaven College for the Arts. His work has won many awards including several best of shows, and has been exhibited in juried shows with the Dallas Business Council for the Arts, the Richardson Civic Art Society, and at the Brookhaven studio gallery. For a while, Ted taught drawing at Ole Podrida. Much of Ted’s work is noted for capturing an emotion while also providing interest and beauty to the eye.

In Ted’s own words “I like to use oil paint thinly in a watercolor style, sometimes building up layers while keeping the freshness and gesture of the subject. My love of watercolor probably stems from my mother being a watercolorist. I like the immediacy of the medium with the ability to freely capture a gesture or to render a detail. It is a delight to see the flow of color on the paper. My main interest in printmaking is to explore form and color as enabled by the medium, rather than to run multiple copies of the same image. Thus, while have run some editions, most of my prints are monotypes (a single image) or mono prints (unique prints formed from a common image base, e.g. color variations of a screen print).”

Lunchtime in D.C. silk screen with watercolor

Lunchtime in D.C. silk screen with watercolor

For more about Ted, see https://www.facebook.com/TedHoustonArt/ or http://www.zhibit.org/tedhoustonart


RCAS Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month – from September to May – in the Richardson Public Library basement meeting room. The meetings begin at 6:30 p.m. http://www.richardson-arts.org/

The business meeting is followed by a demo artist in any of several media including watercolor, oil, acrylic, pastel, and mixed media.

Future demos:
March 2017
Artist: Beth Eschbach
Medium: Acrylic
April 2017
Artist: John Pototschnik
Medium: Oil
May 2017
Artist: Janice Hamilton
Medium: Pastel/Oil

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Julieta Aguinaco: Mañana will be Another opens Sept. 24 at CYDONIA


CYDONIA is pleased to announce Julieta Aguinaco’s second solo exhibition in the United States:



Mañana will be Another explores the form and function, the arrangement and solutions of time. Merging the digital with the analog, the artist re-presents the majesty of the natural world. The exhibition is dominated by a video installation, Under the Cilatlatepetlt that was completed using over 8,000 individual photos of Citlaltepetlt, the largest volcano in Mexico. Taken during one 24-hour rotation of the earth, the time-lapse portrait documents dusk and dawn simultaneously. The viewer is submerged in between the two landscapes (two clocks) in an extraordinary composition alluding to cyclical forces that dictate life in our world.

The experience of this work is akin to philosopher Tim Morton’s concept of hyper- objects. Hyperobjects penetrate humans; they do not manifest at a specific time or place, rather they “emit” time. Our understanding of hyperobjects is realized through understandings and information extrapolated from other interactions.1

The show’s ambience is deceleration, then reprieve, and finally meditation. Mañana will be Another aims to reconcile the notion of impermanence and to juxtapose the accelerated “now” with bigger, slower systems. The exhibition includes paintings and silkscreened prints demonstrating how ways of measuring time, and not only time, can be aesthetically and symbolically reconfigured. Aguinaco explains: “Opening the experience of diverse time spans and durations deconstructs parts of fixed structures we are accustomed to ‘seeing,’ ‘naming,’ and ‘owning.’ This is an important first abstract step towards exiting an established horizon to re-imagine and re-invent the world in tangible and immediate fields: political, social, environmental, and even personal.”

The exhibition is supported by Patron Spirits Company.

Julieta Aguinaco holds an MFA in Art Praxis from the Dutch Arts Institute and a BFA in Painting from The National School of Painting, “La Esmeralda,” in Mexico City. In 2015, CYDONIA made its premier at abc | art berlin contemporary and featured the artist in a solo exhibition entitled The Limits of my World. She has exhibited in Denmark, the Netherlands, the UK, Iceland, Germany, Mongolia, Mexico, Brazil, and China. This October, Aguinaco will present a body of work at Art Toronto. The artist lives and works in Mexico City.


1 Tim Morton. (12 December 2012). What Does Hyperobjects Say? Available: http://ecologywithoutnature.blogspot.com/2012/12/what-does-hyperobjects-say.html

Image: Still of Under the Cilatlatepetlt, 2013, two-channel video installation, 8:30 looped, dimensions variable. Image courtesy of the Artist and CYDONIA, Dallas.

CYDONIA is a contemporary art gallery dedicated to supporting careers of emerging artists whose practices have cultural and historical insight, conceptual rigor, or they are an original voice within their generation. CYDONIA programming unites with our stable and supporters through co-operative practices that underlie an imperative towards posterity. We value art as a cultural good related to praxis and discourse. The gallery is open 11AM – 5PM Wednesday through Friday, Noon – 5PM on Saturday, and by prior arrangement. For more information, please contact info@cydoniagallery.com, call 214-296-4848, or visit www.cydoniagallery.com


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