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Jay Bolotin: The Book of Only Enoch


Flatbed Press in Austin is pleased to present The Book of Only Enoch, a portfolio of 20 woodcut and relief etchings, and selected plates used to create the prints.

JANUARY 13 – MARCH 11, 2017
January 20, 2017 6-8PM RECEPTION

Bolotin tells the story of Only Enoch, a sensitive Jewish boy from Kentucky who is named after an apocryphal book left out of the Hebrew Bible whose protagonist “went to heaven and lived to tell the tale.” The viewer enters a world inhabited by people, flora, fauna, and heretofore unknown forms and spaces. And in ways that may remind us of epic story-tellers including William Blake and Lewis Carroll, Bolotin combines words and images to create worlds with their own logic, in order to tell captivating, bizarre and dreamlike stories.

Bolotin’s visual work is included in many public and private collections, including The Museum of Modern Art, New York; PAFA (Philadelphia); The University of Richmond Museum, Smith College Museum, and the Australian National Museum. He grew up in rural Kentucky.

The Book of Only Enoch is an ingredient in an ongoing trilogy of motion pictures called The Jackleg Testament, all constructed from Bolotin’s visual work. Part one of The Jackleg Testament – Jack & Eve, a woodcut motion picture, won Best Animation at the Santa Fe Film Festival, 2007.

Bolotin will give a brief performance at the reception, at 6:00 PM, Friday, January 20th, consisting of songs and a short film titled Kharmen, which combines a famous aria from the opera, Carmen, and the short stories of Russian absurdist writer, Daniil Kharms.

This exhibition is presented in conjunction with Landmarks (UT Austin). Organized and circulated by the University of Richmond Museums, Virginia, the exhibition is made possible in part with funds from the Louis S. Booth Arts Fund.


Flatbed Press 2832 East MLK Blvd, Austin 78702   512.477.9328

Gallery Hours Tuesday-Friday 10am-5pm; Saturday noon-5pm


Submitted by Annalise Gratovich. Email: anna@flatbedpress.com

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Common Language at Flatbed Press


COMMON LANGUAGE http://www.flatbedpress.com/Exhibit_Detail.cfm?ShowsID=244

Suzi Davidoff + Rachelle Thiewes

Flatbed Press 2832 East MLK Blvd Austin TX 78702

OPENS TO PUBLIC November 8, 2016

OPENING RECEPTION November 12, 2016; 6-8pm Artists will be in attendance

December 31, 2016

Tuesday-Friday 10am-5pm; Saturday noon-5pm

Common Language exhibits work by West Texas artists Suzi Davidoff and Rachelle Thiewes, collaborating together as Razi Projects. Spanning Finland and West Texas, Common Language consists of site-specific land-based installations documented by large scale photographs printed on aluminum, a twin-screen video projection, and a limited edition, hand bound artist book housed in a portfolio containing an original artwork.

In addition to this monumental collaboration, the exhibition includes individual works on paper and sculptural kinetic jewelry by Davidoff and Thiewes, respectively.

A special viewing of the Common Languages twin-screen projection will take place throughout the evening of the Artist’s Reception.

Suzi Davidoff’s multi-media works on paper explore themes of structure and perception of the natural world, often incorporating found organic materials collected on walks within the West Texas Chihuahuan desert.

Rachelle Thiewes creates jewelry that is designed to engage and challenge the wearer, making them an active participant, an initiator of sounds and body rhythms.

Submitted by Annalise Gratovich. Email: anna@flatbedpress.com

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