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“Anatomy of a Scene: A Deep Dive into Dialogue” ONLINE with Stacey Swann

Register before Wednesday, September 30 for the chance to submit your scene for workshopping. http://www.writersleague.org/calendar/DeepDiveintoDialogueSwann2020

This class is a part of the Anatomy of a Scene Class Package.

Talent for dialogue is not an inborn skill. Anyone can learn to write razor-sharp dialogue!

As readers, there are probably a lot of craft issues we can …

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“Setting Matters More Than You Think” ONLINE with Alex Temblador

When it comes to any type of writing, setting often gets overlooked in favor of characterization, plot, or story line. And yet — none of those aspects of creative writing are possible without setting. In this course, you’ll discover how setting affects the mood, tone, and characters of your work, as well as how it …

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“Anatomy of a Scene: Getting Intimate” ONLINE with Tracy Wolff

Register before Wednesday, September 23 for the chance to submit your scene for workshopping. http://www.writersleague.org/calendar/GettingIntimateWolff2020

This class is a part of the Anatomy of a Scene Class Package.

Learning how to write (and grow) intimacy between your characters will revolutionize your story and your storytelling.

Join bestselling young adult and romance author Tracy Wolff as …

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“Research like a Pro” ONLINE with Sindya Bhanoo

Fiction is, by definition, made up. But writing strong fiction, and certainly non-fiction, often requires a fair amount of research.

In this half-day class, we will discuss strategies that journalists use to do research and gather information for their stories. How much can be done by looking at images and documents on the Internet? Once …

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WLT Presents One Page Salon & Hope Alliance Fundraiser LIVE WEBINAR

One of Austin’s most beloved reading series – One Page Salon – has gone virtual and teamed up with the Writers’ League of Texas for a series of special monthly events featuring quick readings, feel good fundraising, and lots of literary shenanigans.

In September, we’re partnering with Georgetown’s wonderful indie bookstore, Lark & Owl Booksellers, …

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“How to Give and Receive Writing Critiques” ONLINE with John Pipkin

Are you in a writing group but not sure how to give good feedback on others’ work?

NOTE: This class is required in order to sign up for one of our Advanced Craft Workshops, but does not guarantee admission. The price of this online class will go toward the cost of the workshop if accepted …

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“The Agent Search: Tips, Tricks, and Timeless Advice” ONLINE with Becka Oliver

Learn the process and expectations for finding a literary agent for your book.


Join a former literary agent for an informative, candid, no-holds-barred class on finding the ideal agent for you—and how to navigate the relationship once you’ve found that perfect match. This class will cover everything from where to get your industry news, …

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“Strategies for Staying the Course” ONLINE with P.J. Hoover

It’s hard to stick to our path, especially when everything seems like it is going against us, but don’t let that stop you from reaching your goals.

Join award-winning author P. J. Hoover in this inspiring workshop that will offer solid strategies on time management, goal setting, and staying the course even when things get …

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“Write Before You Write: Outlining, Planning, Plotting” ONLINE with Jennifer Ziegler

Do you ever start a manuscript and end up lost in your own story or know your plot but still find that your writing is blocked?

Before launching into writing that exciting new book idea, it’s important to take key first steps that will help prevent project-killing situations. If you tend to get lost in …

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Summer Writing Retreat

In August, all month long, we’ll be hosting four weeks of writing and learning and gathering and more. We have three terrific classes to choose from, plus our Write Away option (for those who want less talking, more writing). Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get to know fellow …

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2020 WLT UnConference for Writers – Free online June 26-28

2020 would have marked the 27th Anniversary of the WLT’s Agents & Editors Conference – an annual extravaganza that brings together 400+ writers and industry professionals every June for a weekend of networking, panels, and presentations focused on the traditional publishing process. All indoors at a lovely venue in Austin, TX. All of it not …

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