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Migratory and Portals – Two new exhibitions opening at the Bath House Cultural Center

July 6-August 3, 2019
Reception: Saturday, July 6, 2019 (7-9 PM). Featuring music by Len Barnett and Percussions Things  

Migration is an ever-present natural phenomenon that occurs all around us in a multiplicity of ways.  Whether human or non-human, migration is an activity that offers an extraordinary view into the complexity of how the …

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LuminArte Presents: Exodus May 23 – June 20

Exodus at LuminArte Gallery explores concepts related to diaspora, delving into issues of immigration, political exile and cultural identity.

Within this presentation of international artists, exhibiting paintings, photography and sculpture, the viewer has the opportunity to relate to each artist’s experiences of migration, isolation, assimilation and personal discovery. Whether the artwork depicts a fusion …

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