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“Dance Partners” –Group Sculpture Exhibition at Umbrella Gallery


Umbrella Gallery presents

“Dance Partners” –Group Sculpture Exhibition


ARTISTS: Rachael Anderson, Minna Jain, Linda Gossett, Abby Bagby

DATE: July 26 – Aug 14, 2016, Opening Reception July 30, 6-9pm

LOCATION: 2803 Taylor St, Dallas, TX, 75226


Dance Partners is a collaborative exhibition of wearable sculptures created by artists Abby Bagby, Minna Jain, Linda Gossett, and Rachael Anderson. The vision for the show is to bring together four artists with very different styles yet finding rhythmic congruity in their love for the unlikely, humorous invention, obsessive touch, and the push pull dynamics of repulsion/attraction. All four artists engage nostalgia and handy-craft aesthetics in their work, engaging “women’s work” with a combination of sincere curiosity and crass social commentary. These pieces break the static gallery with bouncing light, tactile synesthesia, noise, fluttering, and clatter. This show is not shy; it boldly gyrates to the pulse of its own drummer and provokes ecstatic physical reactions.



Umbrella is an art gallery that exists within the cultural center of Life in Deep Ellum, an organization built on the idea that vibrant community exists where individuality is celebrated, and all are welcome. It is a space for exploration, a place to stretch and to grow for both established and emerging artists. Due to its non-commercial status, Umbrella opens the door for artists to try something new, to push their artistic limits, and to exhibit this experimental spirit freely. Its unique functionality, size, and shape offer an opportunity to produce bodies of work that both stand out from and harmonize with the gallery space itself.

Abby Bagby, Curator, Umbrella Gallery, abby@lifeindeepellum.com


Umbrella Gallery

Address: 2803 Taylor St, Dallas, TX, 75226

Hours: 7 am – 7 pm Monday through Friday

Saturday and Sunday 9 am – 2 pm

Tel: (214) 651-0633

Admission: Free

Visit us at facebook.com/umbrellaatlide

or lifeindeepellum.com for more information.

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Process 2 Product: from Inspiration to Innovation opens July 15 at the CAC


The Creative Arts Center of Dallas (CAC), a nonprofit school of visual arts and community arts organization geared to beginning, emerging and working artists, will host a new “Process 2 Product:  from Inspiration to Innovation” from Friday, July 15 through Saturday, August 19. The exhibition series, organized in honor of CAC’s 50th Anniversary, explores select CAC teaching artist’s artistic process from conception to a finished solution.  In the 3rd installation for the year, this show will feature the work and processes of ceramic artist Linda Gossett.                                                            

The concept for this series celebrates the arts education process that CAC students experience in their classes, which is a direct result of each of various CAC teaching artist’s journey through ideas, inspiration and their fascination with their mediums. The exhibition demonstrates the struggle and satisfaction of working through an idea with either the desired outcome or knowledge for the next effort.

Linda Gossett has been working in clay for over 20 years. She attended North Texas State University and acquired a Bachelors of Fine Art in advertising and graphic design in 1985. After obtaining a BFA in advertising and graphic design in 1985, she began her relationship with clay when friends suggested she take a ceramics class at a local community college. She recently earned her MA from the University of Dallas and is currently working on a MFA from the university. The exhibition will be in the school’s main building at 2360 Laughlin Drive, Dallas, 75228 with an opening reception on Friday, July 15 from 6:30 to 8:30pm.



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