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Opening at OC3: DISCIPLINED on March 3rd; Grey Space: ¡Viva La Mujer! March 9th

March 3rd – March 30th

Reception: Saturday, March 3, 2018
5:30pm – 8:00pm

Oak Cliff Cultural Center proudly presents to you DISCIPLINED, featuring Daniel Yanez (DYI), AZNmike, Raymon Butler, Robert S. Garza. DISCIPLINED opens March 3rd – March 30th. An artist reception will be March 3rd, from 5:30pm – 8:00pm. The exhibit and reception are both FREE and open to the public.

About the Exhibit & Artists
Four local artists of different ethnicities and backgrounds from the Dallas area come together to invite people to have an experience that is both individual and unique, yet shared and similar to every viewer. This is the metaphor we are using as the overall message of how our life experiences are separate and different, yet we still understand the lessons and meanings learned and can share them with one another. The plan to accomplish this is by creating a literal timeline from birth to death, allowing the viewer to navigate chronologically forward or backwards at their leisure for understanding. Each artist use their own style of art to portray an era of life that is vital to personal identity, and how they are interconnected with each other.

The word “Disciplined” befits our struggles during life and how much better we become because of them. It is the form of how life has structured us and how we have transformed ourselves, learning from each previous era of life that creates a solid understanding that is taken to the next. The artists each have their own individual experiences that they express with their pieces, which both relate to how they perceive life and connect to the other artists’ pieces as the narrative progresses. Raymond’s work depicts his childhood and the longing for the happier times he enjoyed watching cartoons and playing with friends in the housing complex he grew up in. Robert’s pieces represent the trials of growing into adulthood from adolescence, and finding one’s place in life despite all the chaos of societal expectations and norm. Daniel expresses in his pieces the point in life where one has some understanding of the desired path in life and what obstacles lie in the way of personal growth, such as politics and religion, as well as realizing the truths behind life’s veils and illusions. Azn’s work depicts his understanding of mortality and what lies after death, and reflects on all the experiences that lead up to that point that provide clarity for the questions in life; experiences that answer the “why” only after meditation. The use of black and white in these pieces represents the moments in our life that affect our perspectives, and the pink represents the significance of those moments and our connection through them.

This show is the unified vision that exemplifies the idea that despite all different experiences, people can come together to share their thoughts and perspectives and move forward together.

Grey Space: ¡Viva La Mujer!
March 9, 2018 

Join De Colores Collective for the first GREY SPACE Pop-Up Art Show of 2018,  iViva La Mujer! Stop by the Oak Cliff Cultural Center for an exhibition that focuses on celebrating womanhood and femininity. This show will include work by various artists in different mediums.

About De Colores Collective:
De Colores Collective was launched to provide a multi-faceted platform where inclusivity, expression, conversation, and engagement take place. The platform includes an Art Show, Podcast, and a Party that unites the community at-large through several different outlets. Be sure to follow us at @decoloresco!

This event is family friendly, free, and open to the public.

223 W. Jefferson Blvd., Dallas, Tx 75208

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OCCC calls for art: Black Lives Matter and Dia de los Mertos Altar Exhibit

Submissions are still open for the upcoming GREY SPACE Art Show: Black Lives Matter. We welcome all forms of creative expressions along this theme. Art, poetry, photography, music, etc. Submit your creative expression by September 8th!

For submissions, information, or questions, please email decolorescollective@gmail.com.


The Oak Cliff Cultural Center is now accepting submissions for the 2017 Dia de los Muertos Altares exhibit. Artists, organizations, and creative individuals are invited to participate by creating their unique interpretation of a Dia De Los Muertos Altar. Altars can consist of both traditional and non-traditional mediums. Altar entries must not exceed more than 4ft in width and depth from the wall. Must include a brief description of what altar will consist of. Images/thumbnail sketch of your altar are welcomed. Please mention in your description if your work requires access to power, and if you should require a table.

Submissions are due by Saturday, October 14, 2017. Selected participants will be notified on October 18, 2017. Submissions and questions can be emailed to Gerardo Robles at Gerardo.Robles@DallasCityHall.com

Oak Cliff Cultural Center
223 W. Jefferson Boulevard


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Art Exhibits and Pop-up shows at OC3!


223 W. Jefferson Boulevard
Dallas, TX 75208
De Colores Grey Space

De Colores Collective

Saturday, April 29th
6:00pm – 9:00pm

Join us for the inauguration of De Colores Collective with it’s presentation of Grey Space, an exploration of various perspectives that focus on the topic of immigration. In conjunction with the release of the first podcast episode, a pop-up art show will be held at the Oak Cliff Cultural Center on Saturday, April 29th from 6pm – 9pm. Event is FREE and open to the public.





The 19th Annual
El Dia De Los Niños
Art Exhibit

In honor of #DallasArtMonth, Oak Cliff Cultural Center teams up with 9 DISD schools to showcase the impressive art skills of the most talented students in Oak Cliff for this year’s 19th annual Dia de los Niños Art Show! Exhibit closesFriday, April 28th, 2017.

This year’s participating schools are Rosemont’s Primary, Elementary & Middle Schools, Sidney Lanier Arts Vanguard School, Travis TAG Academy, Longfellow, Arcadia Park Elementary, and Soto Elementary. Come feast your eyes on the astute execution and fanciful expression of young, artful hands!!





IDENTITY: I Am One, I Am Many
May 6, 2017 – June 9, 2017
Reception: May 6, 2017
5:30pm – 8:00pm
“Preservation of one’s own culture does not require contempt or disrespect for other cultures.”
– Cesar ChavezOak Cliff Cultural Center and Sunset Art Studios presentIDENTITY: I AM ONE, I AM MANY, an exhbition Inspired by the words of Cesar Chavez, Identity: I Am One, I Am Many is a group exhibition exploring the ways we define ourselves and the world around us. Identity features the works of Tina Medina, Johnathon Foster, and Iris Bechtol. All recipients of Sunset Art Studio’s artist residency program as well as Emily Riggert and Rachel Rushing, artist coordinators of SAS. These artist will look at identity through the lens of culture, politics, gender, and community to open vital discussions to our society.IDENTITY: I Am One, I Am Many will be on display from May 6, 2017 – June 9, 2017. A reception will be held on Saturday, May 6th, from 5:30pm – 8:00pm. Reception and exhibit are FREE and open to the public.

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