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Summer Art Classes at Oil & Cotton


817 W. Davis St. #110
Dallas, TX 75208


Oil and Cotton opened in September 2010. Blending an appreciation of the past with current multidisciplinary art practices, our students are invited to engage in the expressive languages of both music and visual art. Our hands-on classes are taught by professionals with knowledge of traditional and contemporary practice. We provide creative space for education, exhibition, performance and exchange between the public and the art community.

floral painting

June 3 Floral Painting:Intro to Acrylics and Oil
Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 4.13.26 PM.png
June 17 Intro to Printmaking
Jun 25 Frame Loom Weaving
July 9 Leatherworking
July 14 Intro to Calligraphy
Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 2.18.39 PM.png
July 16 Portrait Watercolor
July 23 Embroidered Bouquet
July 30 Macrame Lace Plant Hanger
Aug 4 & 11 Clay Spoon
Aug 5 & 6 New Media: Pure Data Programming
Thurman sunglasses4.jpg
Aug 13 Total Eclipse of the Sun-glasses
natural dye yarns 2.jpg
Aug 19 & 20 Natural Dyeing Yarn: Red, Yellow, Blue


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Nancy Medina: Painting Brilliant Colors Spring 2017 Online Painting Workshop


Early bird registration is open!
Spring 2017

Are you ready for your next colorful adventure? I’m delighted to announce early bird registration is open for my Spring 2017 online class, Painting Brilliant Colors. We’re not letting a little frost on the heather dampen our blooms! As an early bird registrant, you will get next year’s spring class at the current year’s price, a savings of almost $100 (hey, that’s at least a few tubes of paint!).

Join over 700 artists who have already become part of the Brilliant Color Flower Family!

Beginning March 9, 2017, six weeks of classes will begin with every moment of fresh, brand new full-length videos, bonus lessons, plus dozens of studio tips and inspirations included. What’s different in 2017? We’re going to take your paintings to a whole new level, from concept to completion, and dig into the fundamentals of color. With practical exercises, I’ll share how to focus on value before diving into color, and the essential nature of transparent color as a powerful tool for giving your floral and garden paintings life.


If you’ve been a terribly good artist all year, keeping your studio clean, remembering to wash your brushes every day, you’ve earned a holiday reward! Included in your new spring course will be exclusive membership in a private Facebook community, with lots of feedback and interaction with the artist.

Tell your family to put a little brilliant color on the holiday wish list for their favorite flower painter ~ you! Here’s to a colorful, and magical holiday season!

What’s new in Spring 2017

How to take the fear out of painting
A step by step approach to compelling compositions
How to edit out reality when needed
How to break free from super tight painting
Why line is the key to drawing the eye
Identifying focal points
How the temperature of light affects each subject
Practical ways to strengthen values in all your work
How to remove cadmiums from your palette
How to infuse your own journey with joy

Winter Pink Geraniums and Pansies, 20X20, oil on deep gallery wrap canvas
Purchase Information


Known for her bold, impressionistic florals and large container gardens that are immediately eye-catching, Nancy teaches throughout the US and Europe, sharing a loose, bright technique that evokes brilliant color.

Nancy’s love of art and gardening originated on her childhood farm in Scurry, Texas, where her parents were organic gardeners. Her earliest memories are of standing barefoot beneath 11 foot sunflower stalks in her family’s garden. Nancy studied art history and illustration at the University of London, King’s College, Chelsea, and oil painting and color theory at Texas A&M University. Today she resides with her husband and their 4 pugs in Flower Mound, Texas, where she paints daily from Flower Mound Art Studio.

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Nancy Medina: Six Live Paintings for You and Brilliant Color Online Class


Named one of the best floral and botanical artists by American Art Collector magazine, Nancy Medina is a master signature artist and instructor for the Dallas Arboretum whose paintings and videos are collected around the world. Known for her bold, impressionistic florals and large container gardens that are immediately eye-catching, Nancy teaches throughout the US and Europe, sharing a loose, bright technique that evokes brilliant color. Her studio is located in Flower Mound, TX. For more about Nancy, see her website http://www.nancymedina.com/.

Flower Mound Studio Newsletter                                                              October 2016

Banish the Blues Pink Hydrangeas, 16X16, palette knife/oil
Click here to see the painting live

Live Painting in the Studio

What could possibly go wrong?

I’ve been painting live each day on my Facebook fan page this week in the countdown to my fall online class launchOctober 27.

We’ve painted hydrangeas, pansies, a speckled pumpkin, a blue patterned vase and more. Painting live every night is exhausting, but you are worth it! It’s a bit like reality TV meets Flower Mound Studio, without the Kardashians. No one has cried yet, spent any amount of time in a hot tub, or been kicked off the island. In the spirit of full disclosure, there is some eye candy in each live video, when studio helper pug puppy Avery says hi to her fans. (Avery yawning and chewing on toys has really upped my ratings!)

The oops moments…so far!

There have been a few on camera “oops moments” already, dropping my paintbrush into the middle of my palette, pugs barking, the doorbell ringing, the kids outside on their motorized four-wheelers, pugs barking…. The best was last night, when my phone-video battery announced: “Battery strength is low”. I had no idea what to do. I felt like I was losing oxygen fast, then freezing, then drowning. Oh wait, no, that was Sandra Bullock in that space movie. Fortunately, cameraman/hubby quickly attached a backup battery and saved the day. Painting finished, cameo by sleepy Avery, plug for the online workshop smoothly delivered, check and check!Will there be more live videos? Will Avery become a film star and leave the Medina Foster Home for Wayward Pugs behind? All will be revealed…soon!



Brilliant Color Online Opens!

I’m so excited to announce my first fall online workshop, Brilliant Color Bootcamp, opens for registration at 5:30 am CT,October 27! The first to sign up gets a free seat! Registration will close on November 9, or earlier if we fill up.

Put away your suitcase and your traveling shoes, you’re going to get seven all new, full-length oil painting videos, a multi-media bonus lesson in acrylic and oil, the Color Games, and much more, with all content open to you for an entire year. Watch every moment from your tablet, smartphone, or computer in the comfort of your own studio, at your own pace and speed, and stay cozy and warm in your jammies without ever leaving home!

For our class members on Facebook, I’ll also be painting livewith you during the course. You’ll be able to comment, ask questions, and even tease the teacher…all in real time, and on camera. PS: There will be prizes and surprises for you sprinkled throughout every moment of the course!

What’s new this fall? Along with seven professional quality, full-length painting videos, this class will take it up a level, with games and videos focusing on temperature, value, and the building blocks of color to help you grow. Find out the cost of class and much more by Taking a peek!

What will we be painting? Daisies, sunflowers, poppies, cottage gardens, and much more. One of the first things you’ll receive in my online workshop is an invitation to join our Facebook flower family. We’ll learn great ways to loosen up, breathe, and fall in love with fresh, bright, loose floral and garden paintings, because brilliant is your color!

Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate painter, Brilliant Color Bootcamp will help you exercise your creative strengths and try new techniques to develop and build your best skills. In Brilliant Color Bootcamp, I’ll share everything I’ve learned over the past 25 years for understanding color, composition, value and temperature. In this five-week course, you’ll get seven all new, full-length oil painting videos, including a multimedia lesson in acrylics and oils. Along with tons of extra video clips and studio tips, I’ve created a fun way to stretch your color wings with The Color Games. These fun, interactive games are designed to help you create a beautiful, loose, painterly path, immersing you in the foundations of color. All the oil painting videos are fresh and new, created exclusively for your new fall workshop!

  • Floral and landscape painting lessons
  • Superpower palette tips (say that really fast!)
  • Classes begin weekly November 10, open for a full year
  • Tips for nurturing your inner flower child
  • Watch from your desktop, tablet or smartphone
  • Open for all levels

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Pinta Facil Painting Sessions in August with Zakehia (in English & Spanish)


Get the stress out with this easy way to paint and relax!

Acrylic painting sessions are guided by Zahehia Uscanga in both English and Spanish. All supplies are provided! Students are welcome to bring their own food and (non-alcoholic) beverage to drink.

Location: Jaycee Park Center for the Arts, 1975 Puritan, Irving TX 75062 Directions

Cost: $25 for non-members, $20 IAA members, supplies are provided. *Minimum 5 people needed for a class to make, class size limited to 15.

Payment: Bring a check to class – make payable to Irving Art Association. To register, contact Zakehia at 214 874 8465 or by email at zakehia@yahoo.com

Or use PayPal to register & pay online. Go to Workshops page.


August Sessions & Topics:

Sun 2-4 Aug 7  (afternoon)

Alone (Alcatraz or Lily)


20160718_172907-1_resized  Sat 10-12  Aug 13 (morning)Summer’s here ! (Sunflowers)
Sun 2-4 Aug 14  (afternoon)Alone (Alcatraz or Lily)  20160718_165157-1_resized
20160718_201033-1_resized Thurs 7-9p  Aug18 (evening)Elegant Vase

Contact Zakehia at 214 874 8465 or by email at zakehia@yahoo.com

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Nancy Medina: New e-course: Painting Brilliant Colors


Painting Brilliant Colors
The first peek at a new e-course for you!
No sooner had I announced my new e-course yesterday, than the questions began to arrive – and thank you for all the congratulations, too! How long did it take to build Painting Brilliant Colors, my new online class? Nine months and – yes – some of the comparisons do seem to apply, I know what you’re thinking! When will classes begin – soon, this will be my summer course, and we are already working on the next e-course (can you believe it?). Will the material in Painting Brilliant Colors be different from what you’ve seen in my videos and classes? Absolutely, everything, every moment of Painting Brilliant Colors, is all fresh and new. Will this course apply to acrylic painters, too? While all of my demos and lessons will be in oils, I will provide support to acrylic painters via our private Facebook fan page for course members. I paint in acrylics regularly (and love them!) so I’m delighted to share the conversions with my awesomely talented acrylic students. More questions? Take a peek here for more answers!

With all of my 2016 US workshops full, it was high time to kick this flower rodeo into bloom and open my heart, my studio, and all that I can share, with you. For the first time, you can paint with me from the comfort of your own studio, without having to leave your summer gardens behind. Designed, created, and lovingly produced *lights, cameras, action!*, Painting Brilliant Colors features elegant navigation, full color inspirations and dozens of new videos.

Click here for a sneak peek!
(and a chance to win a free seat)

Each week with Painting Brilliant Colors, you’ll receive new full-length painting videos, studio tips, joyful inspirations, and a few extras to make you giggle. You’ll receive images from my flower gardens and studio designed to razzle dazzle your summer palette. When registration opens, classes will be delivered directly to your email, available for an entire year to enjoy at your own pace and speed. Registration opens in a few weeks, and I’ll share the date soon, so set your flower timers!

Here are just a few of the features from Painting Brilliant Colors:

All my “must have” superpower color recipes
Secrets for dramatically beautiful color combinations
Weekly tips for rekindling pure joy in the studio
Course materials available for an entire year
A place to breath, create and grow

Hold tight while we put the finishing touches on, polish the sparkly bits and prepare to announce the date. Your new color adventure awaits, but seats will be limited ~ may the flower force “bee” with you!

Known for her bold, impressionistic florals and large container gardens that are immediately eye-catching, Nancy teaches throughout the US and Europe, sharing a loose, bright technique that evokes brilliant color.

Nancy’s love of art and gardening originated on her childhood farm in Scurry, Texas, where her parents were organic gardeners. Her earliest memories are of standing barefoot beneath 11 foot sunflower stalks in her family’s garden. Nancy studied art history and illustration at the University of London, King’s College, Chelsea, and oil painting and color theory at Texas A&M University. Today she resides with her husband and their 4 pugs in Flower Mound, Texas, where she paints daily from Flower Mound Art Studio.


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RCAS Jan. 19 Meeting: Nancy Medina Guest Artist

Nancy Medina{ Ginger Jar Lilies

Nancy Medina{ Ginger Jar Lilies

The Richardson Civic Art Society will be holding its next program meeting on Tuesday, January 19, 2016.

January’s artist is Nancy Medina. She will demonstrating florals in oils. Nancy is named as one of the best floral and botanical artists by American Art Collector magazine. Her impressionistic floral paintings are eye-catching. She uses a loose, bright technique that evokes brilliant color.

Nancy is a master signature artist and instructor at the Dallas Arboretum, In addition she also teaches throughout the US and Europe.  For more information about Nancy and her work, visit: www.nancymedina.com.

RCAS meets in the Richardson Public Library basement on third Tuesdays, 6:30 pm – 8:45 pm. Visitors may attend meetings at no charge. Anyone is welcome to sign up for membership. Visit www.richardson-arts.org for more information on the RCAS. RCAS is supported in part by the City of Richardson through the Arts Commission.

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Nancy Medina: 2016 Workshops in Florals & Landscapes


New 2016 Workshops
California, Florida and Texas
My new 2016 workshops are here, and I’m delighted to paint with you in New Braunfels, Texas, and share a beach getaway with you in Cape Cod, a visit to Kissimmee and the Land of Mickey, and a return to San Diego, California, to boot! My Valentine’s Party-Workshop in Irving, Texas is filling fast, and Orlando has only one seat left so don’t delay! Put a little joy in your brush and we’ll create florals and landscapes in brilliant color together in a fun, relaxed classroom with lots of fun prizes and surprises, too!
My classes are open for all levels, and for students who work in oils, acrylics, or water based oils. Students will take home multiple completed paintings, and there will be multiple demonstrations by the teacher (as long as someone gives her a donut every few hours, a gal’s gotta have fuel!).  I sure hope to see you there!

Click here for all my workshops!

United States:

FULL – January 8-10, 2016 Orlando, FL read more…
FULL – Feb 12-14, 2016 Irving, TX read more…
FULL – March 17-19, 2016 Morton, IL read more…
April 11-13, 2016 Fredericksburg, TX read more…
April 29-May 1, 2016 Nashville, TN read more…
June 10-12, 2016 New Braunfels, TX read more…
ALMOST FULL – Sept 16-18, 2016 Memphis/Collierville, TN read more…
FULL – Oct 14-16, 2016 Lees Summit, MO read more…
ALMOST FULL – Oct 3-5, 2016 Cape Cod, MA read more…
Nov 11-13, 2016 San Diego, CA read more…
NEW! June 26-July 2, 2016 Italy read more…
ALMOST FULL August 1-11, 2016 Le Vieux Couvent, France read more…
TWO SEATS LEFT – August 16-26, 2016 Le Vieux Couvent, France read more…

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Nancy Medina “Painting Brilliant Florals & French Landscapes” Feb. 13 – 15, 2015

Blue Dreamer White Tulips studio peek sm

Painting Brilliant Florals ~ Days 1&2

Painting French Landscapes ~ Day 3

February 13-15, 2015

9 am to 4 pm Daily

$345 for three full days

Click here to register

Contact: nancy@nancymedina.com


Jaycee Park Center for the Arts

1975 Puritan Drive, Irving, Texas 75061


My Supply List


to and from class and Dallas Ft Worth International Airport

La Quinta, Irving Texas


4225 North MacArthur Blvd,

Irving, TX 75038

Blue Dreamer White Tulips studio peek sm

We’ll paint brilliant florals on Days 1&2, and on Day 3, we will finish with paintings of French landscapes, working from my photos or any of your own favorite landscape photos.

Put a little joy in your brush and join Nancy Medina for three days of making brilliant landscapes and florals bloom in oils. Named one of the best floral and botanical artists by American Art Collector magazine, Nancy is master signature artist and instructor for the Dallas Arboretum whose paintings are collected around the world. Open for beginners to advanced students, as well as those who work in water based oils and acrylics, you will learn to loosen your approach to painting. This will be a fun 3-day workshop with multiple demonstrations by the teacher.

Nancy shares all her favorite tips with you for creating brilliant color on a transparent background, and methods for making your paintings look authentic and beautiful.  Students are encouraged to take lots of photos and ask many questions, and will take home the tools needed to create works of art they will enjoy for years to come.

Class begins each day with a thorough and well explained demonstration by the instructor. Painting together each afternoon in step by step lessons, students will take home three completed paintings. Located just a few miles from DFW International Airport, the Jaycee Park Center is virtually moments away from a number of major hotels and dining spots. There are lots of great places to visit in the Dallas – Fort Worth Area, including the Fort Worth Stockyards, Cowboy Stadium tours, the baseball ballpark in Arlington, and the art musem districts in downtown Dallas and in Fort Worth.

You will learn to:

  • Simplify shapes
  • Brighten colors
  • Add drama
  • Paint loosely with confident brush strokes

Nancy Medina’s classes are so popular at the Dallas Arboretum we have scheduled additional classes for her students after our regular teaching season is over. Her classes often sell out and so we have a waiting list for her, she is a wonderful teacher!

Joy Ijams Matthews, Director, Adult Education

The Dallas Arboretum


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New Sunflower DVD – Nancy Medina Art


Strawberry Sunflower Bouquet on DVD


A 90-minute oil painting lesson

 A 90-minute DVD painting lesson in oils…
Sunflowers from my garden on DVD

Is it any wonder that on the day the big ole box of sunflower DVDs arrived, I was wearing my sunflower shirt? (*cue Twilight Zone music*) I’m just thrilled to present this 90 minute lesson to you on painting strawberries, sunflowers, and geraniums in brilliant color from my garden. I’ve received so many kind comments from you about the quality of my DVDs. Thank you so much for that, my goal when I began filming these was to find a professional videographer, and to provide all those little extra details I always WISHED were in the painting videos I’ve purchased over the years.My video lessons provide information on every color I am painting when I am using it, including the names of the colors and the color combinations listed at the top of each segment. The fresh flowers serving as my models are in your view-screen, as a thumbnail at the top left corner of the screen, so you can always compare what I am painting to what I am viewing as I paint. Maybe the most important thing is the lighting, quality of color, and high definition screening is the best available, short of Blu-Ray.

Thanks so much to everyone who has joined me on the incredible art journey – may your holidays be filled with color!

Strawberry Sunflower Bouquet makes its film debut!

Flower Mound Studio

Flower Mound, TX 75028

Like us on Facebook   Follow us on Twitter   LinkedIn   Find us on Pinterest


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French Floral Still-Life Paintings debut at the DMA October 2014


Major Exhibition of 19th-Century French Floral Still-Life Paintings Debuts At Dallas Museum of Art in October 2014


Exhibition Explores Evolution of Genre with Works by Van Gogh, Delacroix, Fantin-Latour, Manet, Cézanne, Courbet, and Many Others

Dallas, TX—June 10, 2014—This October, the Dallas Museum of Art will present the first major U.S. exhibition to explore French floral still-life painting in the 19th century. Bouquets: French Still-Life Painting from Chardin to Matisse traces the development of the floral still life from the late 18th century through the early 20th century, emphasizing the tremendous depth and scope of creative engagement with the genre throughout this era. The exhibition will feature more than 60 paintings by more than 30 artists, including renowned figures such as Paul Cézanne, Gustave Courbet, Eugène Delacroix, Vincent van Gogh and Edouard Manet, along with less familiar contemporaries such as Simon Saint-Jean and Henri Fantin-Latour. On view from October 26, 2014, through February 8, 2015, Bouquets positions floral paintings within a broader art historical and cultural narrative and reveals how the traditional genre was reinvented through artistic experimentation in the 19th century.


Co-organized by the DMA and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA), Bouquets: French Still-Life Painting from Chardin to Matisse will provide a thorough reassessment of the genre, which has previously been underexplored and appreciated for its decorative qualities alone. The show will feature masterpieces from a variety of public and private collections, including six works from the DMA’s permanent collection—among them a painting by Gustave Caillebotte acquired in 2010 and which will be appearing in its first public exhibition since the artist’s death in 1894. The diverse range of featured paintings highlights the commitment of artists to the floral still life—many of whom are not readily associated with the genre—and underscores the active exchange of ideas, styles, and modes among artists throughout this time.


For more information, see the press release at http://www.dma.org/press-release/major-exhibition-19th-century-french-floral-still-life-paintings-debuts-dallas-museum

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