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LuminArte Fine Art Gallery Presents: “Faces of the Earth” – Albena Hristova Feb. 17


LuminArte Fine Art Gallery presents: Exhibition “Faces of the Earth” February, 17-May 6th, 2017
“Faces of the Earth” is a collection of up close and personal observations of Natural Beauty unto the Eyes of the Beholder – Artist Albena Hristova.

“The Faces of the Earth” 
Exhibition – February 17th -May 6th 2017
Opening Exhibition (Meet and Greet) –  February 17th, 7-10:00pm

Featured Artist: International artist, Albena Hristova born and raised behind the Iron Curtain .

Gold Phoenix – Oil on Canvas
“For me everything starts with seeing, nothing rings more true to me than the eye of the beholder”.  Hristova examines the beauty and grandeur of Mother Nature through highly textured surfaces detailing a wide range of light and dark variances form dusk to dawn; inviting the viewer to make their own discoveries in these close encounters with the Earth.

Globally successful and acclaimed artist, Albena Hristova, was born and raised behind the Iron Curtain in Bulgaria. Her first influence was her mother, who at the time was the leading restorer of the Bulgarian National Gallery in Sophia. Following in her mentor’s footsteps, she started painting at an extremely young age and went on to complete 12 years of classical art education, as well as a Masters in Mural Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia.


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Fine Art – Aves Bird deck playing cards

Bird Clubs display

LUX Playing Cards of Fort Worth has a new fine art deck of playing cards now available. Russian artist Karina Eibatova was commissioned for this new Bicycle playing card deck, and the art is absolutely stunning. You can view the project here:

or just search on Kickstarter.com for Aves Bird deck
Karina Eibatova is the artist for this deck, and she spent months illustrating this. She studies nature, including birds, and from her efforts has come an elegant natural bird deck. Karina is an illustrator and fine-artist, born in Leningrad, USSR (St. Petersburg, Russia), and is currently based in Vienna, Austria. Some of her other clients include: Sunday New York Times (USA), Wired Magazine (England), Iloveyou Magazine (Berlin, Germany), Monsterthreads (Sydney, Australia), and Atlantic Records (USA). She recently completed painting a mural inside a luxury hotel in Barcelona, Spain.
AVES bird back
Bird Hearts display
LUX Playing Cards is in Fort Worth, TX, and the art is amazing!

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