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Journeys from Light to Dark, Experimental Re-Scorings of Iconic Silent Films


In another cool & collaborative production between the Bath House Cultural Center and Friends of the Bath House, we are delighted to announce 3 unique multi-media experiences, Journeys from Light to Dark, Experimental Re-Scorings of Iconic Silent Films.

Continue celebrating Dia de los Muertes & the advent of autumn at the Bath House! Experience One or More Unique Evenings of “The Shadow Ensemble” featuring Ryan Cockerham, leader | Jeannine Wagar | Larry Rubin.

Live, newly composed soundtracks for three legendary silent films featuring vintage organs synthesizers and acoustic instruments, the music is a fascinating blend of new and old creating an immersive and hypnotizing sonic world. The soundtracks will be performed alongside screenings of the original films.

This mixed-media live entertainment will be performed at the Bath House Cultural Center

Thursday  |  Nov 3  |  7:30 PM   The Hands of Orlac

Friday  |  Nov 4  |  8:00 PM   The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

Saturday  |  Nov 5  |  8:00 PM    Nosferatu 

Purchase tickets through our website here.

For more info see the Friends of Bath House website: http://friendsofthebathhouse.org/2016/10/26/journeys-from-light-to-dark-perfomances-start-november-4/



Submitted by Sharon O'Callaghan Shero. Email: sharon@sharonocallaghanshero.com

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